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DM’ed for the first time tonight!

Content of the article: "DM’ed for the first time tonight!"

I've been playing for about 6 or 7 months, and tonight was my first time DM'ing with the regular group. Just a small horror-based one-shot, though I hope to expand it into a series of one-shots if everyone is down (and also we didn't finish and have to pick it up again in a few days – which is pretty standard for our group).

How it went: Tons of fun. I like DM'ing more, actually.

In the spirit of the season, I kept it to a dungeon crawl where they're infiltrating a castle in the arctic planning to kill the vampire who lives there, who they believe is attacking the nearby settlement. They stumbled pretty quickly upon the big twist: the master is already dead.

I made two small mistakes that sent things haywire. In the castle, the entrance to the lair is hidden away on the third floor, and it's just a chute going down. The goliath thought to tie a rope to a candlestick, and I split-second decided this would hold so long as they go down one at a time. This was the second mistake. The first? The chute leads directly to the monster that's guarding the lair entrance, without any barricade. All of a sudden, what was so supposed to be an Easy-Medium encounter where all six of them would team up became a one-on-one deadly brawl with our elf monk as the others desperately tried to follow and save him. Meanwhile, several of the party decided that there must be another entrance and started to look through the entire castle again, running into two infestations of mimics. (Thankfully, they figured out they didn't have to fight the mimics and ran away both times, though our ranger's dog got eaten.)

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Luckily everyone is alive, but the party is split up and the three upstairs are looking to take a short rest while the three in the lair are looking to venture forward. We had discussed that this would be a hard mission, since it's horror themed, so venturing forward with a halved party would just be a TPK. I now have to find a way to rework the BBEG's plan so that they don't all die! Hopefully the mimics haven't scared them off from opening anymore chests, since I'd love to drop some more health potions on them.

Regardless, I'm having a lot of fun and the players seem to be as well. Their characters are all very intimately connected to the world (four of them live in that settlement, and one of the outsiders is an amateur vampire hunter) so it's all coming together pretty nicely despite the extremely dangerous situation they've found themselves in.

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