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DMs don’t always have to do the recap

Content of the article: "DMs don’t always have to do the recap"

Not sure how many other people already do this, but I technically picked this up from another DM. However, there was no structure to how his group did it since it was volunteer-based. With my group, we determined a recap turn order in our scheduling so the same player doesn't constantly volunteer again and again which was the main issue I experienced in the other group. If a player misses a session that they're meant to recap for, I do it for them so our turn order doesn't get messed up. I eventually have to go again, but I don't mind since I'm the DM anyway.

I used to only do recaps, and while it wasn't that big of an issue, I really liked the idea of giving that responsibility to the players. We've been doing it for over 10 sessions now, and I think it's helped engage our table a bit more. My players will take the time usually right after our sessions to write everything down they remembered for next week. Plus, it's one less thing I have to worry about for several weeks until it's my turn. Everyone is good about listening to each other. Another benefit is that I think it's helped my shier player(s) talk with the group as well.

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The only "downsides" I've noticed with it is that when a player misses, I have to recap which isn't that much of a setback or inconvenience. Of course, someone else on the table could do it for them or we could swap places in the turn order, but what we got currently works for us. My players have been good about creating detailed enough recaps, and even if any of us (including me) have a lackluster recap, the rest of the group is good at filling in details.

I know DMs generally do more work than the players, but I find this has really helped make the game feel like a group effort than just the DM entertaining the players. Hope this helps someone and thanks for reading 😀

Edit: This is fantastic to hear how other groups do it. I didn't realize something like this had so much variety to how other groups handle it!

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