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I'm preparing a new campaign and I'm having issues working on the plot, any help however small is appreciated

Pre: The land is in chaos because the bad guy from the last campaign won, provoking a cataclysm that razed some cities.

Fast forward some years, the players are incognito agents sent to the Northern Coast. The heroic guild that lost against previous bad guy is now almost dismantled, so the players are sent with no resources or recognition.

in the expanding chaos that area has been divided in 5 regions controlled by 5 forces: – William Caradoc: young nobleman, should have simply inherited one of the regions, instead is now a monstrous black knight that ravages that area (British-like, lots of plains and small cities) – Amira Caradoc: William's sister, is now a savage witch-like monster that roams the second region (irish-like, lot's of plains and swamp, with some strongholds) – the hobgoblin warlord: took control of the third region with his goblin hordes thanks to the recent death of the Dwarven king that governed it (snowy mountains) – the Moonwatcher: vampire queen that took control of the fourth region (coast, lots of rich ports) – the kraken: was originally a lighthouse keeper, now a colossal, seemingly unbeatable monster that also spawns smaller beasts that roam the region (swampy coast)

Plus: – the Searcher: a menace going around, a monster that looks like a human with two small mouths in place of the eyes. He can eat other people's eyes to see everything they've seen, and roams each region doing that. He comes from "the land beyond all mirrors", and works for the Faceless Stranger – the Faceless Stranger: the final boss. He's a misterious creature, king of "the land beyond all mirrors", often appears in dreams, has a plan for the northern coast. He appears as a pale faceless humanoid with an eerie/almost alien aura

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Additional stuff: – the Caradoc twins had a third brother that is now a ghost in a tower in region 5 – the vampire has a secret human lover, a blind friar -an undertaker in region 2 knows the kraken weak spot – the players can find the ghost of the dead Dwarven king – the Faceless Stranger was hostile years ago with Previous Bad Guy – a lot of people are getting killed by the Searcher for their eyes

This is where I'm at. What I need to keep going is:

  • what happened to the Caradoc family?
  • what transformed the lighthouse keeper into the kraken?
  • what can the faceless stranger gain from the northern coast?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to read all this stuff and drop any idea

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