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DND Order of the Gauntlet Homebrew Campaign

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Hi, this is the first part of my Campaign that I am making. The main quest is to climb up the ranks of the Order of the Gauntlet and become either a Vindicator or a Righteous Hand. A pc that is playing has to pick the "sons" backround but it doesn't make them choose a certain race or class. Its just a backround.

The place that the campaign is set in is the swords coast, and the son is in Phandalin.

( The “sons” background )When you turned 18 your father (Gladius Maximus) spoke to the Order of the Gauntlet’s highest ranks and asked if you could become an initiate of the Order of the Gauntlet. They agreed but said he would have to train you so he took you out to simple quests for the Order of the Gauntlet. When you turned 19 you became a Chevall and it took you awhile but at the age of 21 you became a Marcheon, and on the way to becoming a Whitehawk. At this time the PC would have 4 renown and be lvl2 or 3 to the DM’s discretion.

( The “sons” dream )You wake up having a terrible dream. The dreams are showing you a battle with a dragon and a party of members of the Order of the Gauntlet. Your father (Gladius Maximus) is the leader of this party and both the dragon and the party are taking large hits. As the battle seems over and the party is about to meet their demise your father sacrifices himself to distract the dragon while the party goes in for the final blow to the dragon. The dust settles and the dragon is on the ground, the group runs over to your father… And that's where the dream ends and you wake up hearing a knock on the door.

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When you get to the door and open it and you see 1- however many more PC’s or npc's are standing there and tell “The son” about the fight. The fight was long for about an hour or so and after the dragon fell to the ground they all huddled around Gladius Maximus and when they turned around the dragon was gone(However many more PC’s are playing or if there are none have 1-3 npc’s at the door. The PC’s at the door are also lvl2-3 and have 4 renown and a Necklace of Adaptation was given to a random pc or npc to them from Gladius Maximus and Gladius Maximus said to give it to his “son” (Whoever takes the role as the “son” of Gladius Maximus)).

This is all I have for now

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