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Do you like Dragon of Icespire Peak?

Content of the article: "Do you like Dragon of Icespire Peak?"

Too Long; Did Not Read: How does Dragon of Icespire Peak stack up to other boxed adventures? If DoIP isn't good compared to other boxes, what's better?

I, personally, have found it disappointing:

  • Ages ago I got a 3.5 starter kit. It had dice, figurines, 8 maps you could play on, and cards for items. DoIP leaves everything except the dice up to you.
  • The story is thin and poorly considered. To pick a representative complaint: late in the game the location of the titular dragon is reveled when a player touches an alter at the Shrine of Savras. When I told my players they could now attack the dragon as they now knew its location they were rather underwhelmed. They'd always known it's location. It's on Icespire Peak. Yeah, game, you kinda screwed up building that particular bit of conflict.
  • The encounters don't allow for much strategy. I'll pick on Mountain's Toe Gold Mine here. After finding the mine has been taken over by Wererats you can: talk to the rats and learn they're only here because they were driven out of their old lair, circle to the back of the mine and climb through a difficult entrance, or find a very out of the way entrance and talk to the original dwarven miners. And none of it matters. The rats won't leave if you clean out their old lair. Alternate approaches don't matter because all the rats are within 60 feet of each other and have no reason to move around the mine. The miners are running the commoner stat block so they can't even slow the rats down.
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Now, obviously, I can modify the encounters or over all story-line as I see fit. I do! But I feel like I spend more time on prep because first I figure out how the box is going to step on its own feet then I ret-con. Oh, you can have a huge battle on the second floor of the woodland manse without the enemies on the first floor coming after you because the original wizard was into magical soundproofing. You're only going to get jumped by everyone if you throw down in the courtyard – here's how I'll stagger the waves of attackers as they notice the fight and run into it. And the wereboar in the pumpkin patch certainly don't "snort with contempt as you draw near". It would make no sense for you to pass unchallenged if that were the case! Instead, they're stuffed full of pumpkin and sleeping.

I'd pay my 24.99 copper pieces for anything that could really nail any of the above bullets. (Particularly the first and dang it I want my mini's painted! I don't need a hobby in my hobby so I can hobby while I hobby. No offence if that's your thing, but there are only so many hours in the day.) A digital pack seems like a good possibility. Can I get a campaign on Roll20 with all the lighting set-up and all the tokens placed on a bunch of well drawn maps?

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