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Does fireball trivializes too much of combat?

Content of the article: "Does fireball trivializes too much of combat?"

Title says most of it, but honestly, I find that fireball kinda is "easy mode" for combat, at least between levels 5-7 or so. I struggle to balance encounters for my party at this level, simply because I worry that the creatures I'm throwing at them are too hard, only to have the party's wizard no-brainer "fireball" at the mobs of enemies and wipe them out.

Example: Last night, I had a huge encounter involving a large group of Githyanki, four mind flayers, and my PCs and a bunch of friendly-aligned NPCs, all duking it out. The mind-flayers proved surprisingly squishy (they basically require high initiative and close-ish range to most effectively use their abilities) as did most of the Githyanki. I had the Githyanki appear as a tight group based on them warping onto the battlefield using "plane shift," which requires them to hold hands and transport up to 6 people at a time. When the Githyanki didn't get high enough initiative,however, they wound up tightly packed for a fireball attack, which left most of the basic warriors with somewhere between 33 and 16 HP. Needless to say, that made them much less threatening. Although the mind flayers have advantage on spell saves, they rolled poorly, which left them weakened, and their lousy AC made them prey for a hail of arrows (especially with a ranger using Hunter's Mark on them).

The real killer, though, was the mage's fireball, which is basically his go-to spell. And it wouldn't be that big of a deal if it wasn't damn effective.

I don't want to outright kill my players. But I do find that fireball is basically "easy mode," and it leaves me wishing the players were a bit more creative. Some of that, I think, is the challenges I set before them, which leaves me wondering if maybe I shouldn't be hitting them with considerably tougher encounters going forward, especially involving anything with magical resistance. That said, they've made it this far with the "fireball everything" approach, which makes me think they might well wipe the party due to a failure to have a varied enough set of spells available if faced with the wrong kind of enemy.

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