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Don’t make a first timer’s character have a flaw.

I'm DMing for my family members and all five of them are brand spanking new to D&D. These people aren't exactly in it for the roleplay yet but for the fun and adventure. More experienced players will like the theatre of acting as someone else.

When creating characters the flaws they wrote down were completely forgotten and replaced with their own personal flaws. These aren't bad flaws that hurt the game but merely characteristics that could get in the way at times.

My sister in law is extremely suspicious. She knows of spells like disguise self and the changeling race. When she met Volo for the first time, even with an insight check of over 20, she refused to believe it was him. This was funny but slowed things just a bit. Nothing wrong but that abundance of sus could be considered a flaw.

My big brother has seen some videos and has been extremely helpful with remembering combat and assisting other players with rules. He tends to escalate things though and is confrontational. When my younger brother and nephew were in a fist fight to try and cause a distraction, he joined in with weapons and the plan had to change unnecessarily.

My younger brother and nephew, hoo boy. They are chaos incarnate. They can dial things down when with the whole group, but they are impossible to plan a session around. When they were having a duo session to investigate missing children, their first action wasn't to question the parents or follow any leads, but instead to climb the church and see if my kenku brother can fly. On the way down he aimed for the pastor, landed on him, and then decided to peck at his face cause why not? He bought his way back into the village with a health potion and an apology. Immediately after this, my nephew decided to pickpocket some gossiping villagers while completely ignoring the plot bait I was laying. Fun session, and I know now that sabotage and espionage are better mission types for them now, but I would consider that level of chaos for the lols a hilarious flaw.

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My cousin is extremely shy and passive. She says she's having fun though and continues to ask about the next session.

Tldr: a new players genuine and fun flaws will make it's way into their character. Plan around it. Don't force them to create a cheesy flaw before they get comfortable playing. And a flaw shouldn't intentionally exist just to annoy the other players.

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