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Don’t Sleep on the Peace Domain Cleric

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There's tons of hubbub around the subclasses in Tasha's. Some good, some bad, but I haven't seen much talk about the Peace Domain Cleric, and they deserve a decent amount of the limelight.

First off, Emboldening Bond at level 1 gives you a concentration-free Bless on a number of creatures equal to your proficiency bonus within 30 ft if you. The caveat is to get the bonus, they have to be within 30 ft of a creature who shares this bond. Starting off strong! Even without cheesing this by using Emboldening Bond on the fleas in your Tabaxi's fur, it's an incredibly strong level 1 feat. Bless bots are in high demand, and with the Peace Domain Cleric you can forgo stocking bless for once and concentrate on another spell… OR…

You keep Bless stocked and cast it on top of your Emboldening Bond. Now every attack roll, saving throw, and ability check for your entire party is increased by 2d4 – an average of +5, the same numerical average increase as rolling with advantage. Stack this with a class that can reliably get advantage and watch heads roll. Already sick, but there's more.

Channel Divinity: Balm of Peace is decent at worst, and incredibly useful at best. Move up to your speed and puff vape clouds in your friend's faces to heal them for 2d6+WIS while monsters just have to sit and watch you waltz around.

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Note there is no limit on how many creatures you can heal. You're only limited by how far you can move. So, multiclass with Monk (Way of Mercy, anyone?), Pop Step of the Wind, and sprint through swathes of enemies while blowing healing to every alive (or downed) ally you come near. For good measure, throw in a Mass Healing Word as a Bonus Action.

And don't forget, CD's come back on a short rest. Y'all get beat up a bit but you have your CD and time for lunch? Sit around the picnic table and huff some healing vape clouds before you head out. Who needs Song of Rest anyways?

Finally we come to the third incredible feature of the Peace Domain Cleric – Protective Bond. If one of your buddies gets hit with an attack, one of your other buddies can use their reaction to teleport right next to the enemy and take the damage for the original target. In this case, EVERYONE can be a tank!

Watch your enemy's face turn pale when they think they're gunna stab that pesky Wizard… but all of a sudden a very big, very angry Barbarian teleports right in front of him (heh, nothing personnel, kid) and his puny dagger barely leaves a scratch.

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There is no limit to how many times this can happen as long as y'all are still bonded. Your allies just have to spend their reaction, and it triggers when an ally is confirmed to be taking damage – nothing is wasted on attacks that miss.

Another note, the trigger is an ally about to take any damage, and all of that damage is transferred to the teleporting ally. Fireball about to explode your Wizard? Nah. Disintegrate beam gunna vaporize the Sorcerer? Nope. The enemy about multiattack the Warlock? Dare him to try, cuz the whole squad about to roll up and trade hands.

The utility of this is also great since the wording doesn't specify you have to see either creature, or that another creature has to attack your ally. Buddy in a tough situation upstairs? Punch yourself in the face so he can appear at your side and Peace Domain out.

And you're still a Cleric. While your enemies are crying from getting hit so often, disheartened by all the healing you're throwing out, and frustrated because they can't hurt high-value targets… they get a Guiding Bolt to the face and a Spiritual Weapon in the back.

Your Order spells are mostly utility/buff spells (I'll be honest, other than Aid and Beacon of Hope they're all "meh"), so feel free to load up on damage spells to burn heretics with holy energy, bless the worthy, and become a living, breathing Deity in the eyes of common folk.

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