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doubt anyone cares but I ran my first session and it was something

Content of the article: "doubt anyone cares but I ran my first session and it was something"

so for the last two weeks, i have been posting here on advice for my first session and here's how it went.

3 players show (the 4th had to cancel) two players I kinda felt didn;t care eg on there phone and barley talked the third one was really into role-playing his oath of revenge paladin. the king made a call for adventures for a mission (I kinda railroaded them but I plan to open it after this aka this is the tutorial since there all new)

all 3 head off the found gear before their trip tomorrow I make some role play encounters and the other two don't engage they just say I want this ok cool bye. later on the paldin was talking the head priest at the church and had a really cool role play moment where they asked about placing faith in a god and if it's truly moral. then the other player walks in and asks where to buy a bucket and trys to get him to finish of his encounter with the priest and get a bucket and leave the town. there's attacked by bandits i plan to use this to teach them how combat is played but they just nat 20 persuasion role their way out. they head to the ship and after 3 days they are attacked but the attackers don't notice them 2 fail a stealth check to escape to the escape ships the one who passed made it to the other side. combat starts and the players don't get combat and how it works so I guess explained it bad ima try to redo it next session and explain it. they get onto the ship and get ship wrecked onto an island. after searching the island they find a goblin and the bucket guy trys to seduce the goblin nat 20(planed on them tricking the players which now makes no sense, ) they meet the boss and successfully rp there way out of conflict and the session ends there as they reach level 2 i plan on inviting 2 new people next session.

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tbh i think i did a bad job The players after i asked what i can do better said make it longer i was kinda shocked that they liked it despite being on there phone half the time.

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