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Druid “Wild Shape” Beast List – UPDATED

Content of the article: "Druid “Wild Shape” Beast List – UPDATED"

A few years ago I put together a list of all the Beasts a Druid can turn into with the Wild Shape ability (original post). I was not happy with any of the other lists I was finding that were floating around the internet. There's a long list of beasts that can be used and trying to pick one by flipping between various pages of the Monster Manual was not feasible.

My initial list was sorted by Druid level and had fairly limited stats included (CR, HP, AC, Speed). The goal was to just get a nice condensed list that could be easily referenced or printed out on a single page. However, as many people commented, there was a lot still missing that could be important when deciding on a beast. All of the attacks and features that a beast has definitely are useful things to know when picking a Wild Shape. I had always wanted to add more detail, but it fell off my priority list for several years. Now with all of us stuck in quarantine, I have finally taken the time to do a revamp of my list and add pretty much every detail for all the beasts. With only a few exceptions, everything that is listed in the source material is now included in the updated document.

My goal was to still try and keep this list as condensed as possible and keep all the details on a single row. The end result should be a list that is quick to look through to do side by side comparisons. A lot of the work that went into this was coming up with how to format as much info into as few characters as possible. Due to this I had to make a more complicated Glossary page explaining the formatting. Hopefully it makes sense to others and not just me.

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Shoutout to u/_JustAmanda for taking my document and adding combat related details. This saved me a lot of time during my update by being able to copy/paste some of the additional stats I wanted to add.

Please let me know if you find any errors!


  • Fixed minor errors
  • Added more columns to include all beast information from the source material
  • Added "Document Info" sheet
  • Updated "Glossary" sheet to expand on the formatting used
  • Added "Skill Index" sheet for details that needed longer explanations and would not fit the condensed format
  • Added variant beasts
  • Added links to DND Beyond for anyone that wants to see the full detail in the original format (each beast name is a link). There's lots of websites out there that give full beast info as written in the MM, but I liked the way this site was formatted the best.

Possible Future Updates

  • When I made the original document, both MToF and VGtM were not yet released. As of now, only beasts listed in the PHB or Monster Manual are included, but I may add beasts from other source materials in the future. No promises on this, but it's on my list of future projects. If this does get added, it will likely be separated on new sheets for DMs who do not allow those sources.

The Updated Document

Druid "Wild Shape" Beast List

Source: reddit.com

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