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Dungeon Scroll: Friends of the Forest

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You might recall my post a few days ago in which I shared a couple of one-page dungeons with you all. I was blown away from the response! Since then I've spruced up the design with new font choices as well as some art for the DS logo.

Eventually, I plan to write a digital release full of Dungeon Scrolls on DMsGuild or DriveThruRPG. Though I am still debating if I want access to the full 5E catalogue of items, monsters and locations or simply stick to SRD5/OGL content. If you've got experience of either, feel free to hit me up!

Adventure Summary: Friends of the Forest

"While walking a forest path, the party are cautiously approached by a giant elk who, in a softly spoken voice, introduces themselves as Ziko. Ziko implores the party assist them in a moment of need. They state that a number of creatures native to the forest have fallen foul of a band of hunters who are capturing them and turning them into violent ‘pets’."

The adventure takes place over four main encounters that encourage the party to tackle them in different ways and to consider non-violent options where possible! The party travel through a spider infested forest clearing, an injured bear's cave, into a goblin hunter ambush and to a hunter's camp where the players can negotiate the release of the forest creatures or move the hunters on with force!

Again, feedback, friendly C&C and your support (however you choose to show it!) is massively appreciated.

You can download Dungeon Scrolls: 'Friends of the Forest' here!
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PDF: https://bit.ly/ForestDungeonScroll
Twitter: twitter.com/warlockworks

Full Adventure Text: Friends of the Forest

While walking a forest path, the party are cautiously approached by a giant elk who, in a softly spoken voice, introduces themselves as Ziko. Ziko implores the party assist them in a moment of need. They state that a number of creatures native to the forest have fallen foul of a band of hunters who are capturing them and turning them into violent ‘pets’.

Ziko cannot be sure if the hunters can be reasoned with, but offers the party the choice of a magical relic that would make ‘any true hunter jealous’ in return for freeing the creatures. If the party accept, Ziko will direct the party deeper into the forest and ask that they meet back on the path once their task is complete.

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Encounter 1: Spiders’ Nest
As the party delve deeper into the forest, the canopy thickens overhead as they approach a clearing and the light becomes dim. Thin webbing coats a number of leaves and within the clearing, 1d4 + 1 thick web traps are also laid close to the ground. The traps can be spotted with a DC 12 Wisdom (Perception) check. A target touching the web must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw to avoid being restrained. The web otherwise shares its statistics with the web found in the attack action of a giant spider.

Upon entering the clearing, the party will be ambushed by three giant spiders that will attempt to flank the party.

Encounter 2: Slumbering Bears

A beaten path north of the clearing leads toward a small cave that forks left and right. At its entrance are a number of arrows in the ground. A DC 14 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals patches of darkened blood in the earth as well as tufts of brown fur and grey feathers. A further DC 16 Intelligence (Nature) check will reveal the feathers likely belong to an owlbear and the fur likely belongs to a brown bear.

The left-hand path within the cave leads to two brown bears. One is gravely injured and its partner will defend it staunchly if the party get too close. With a DC 18 Wisdom (Animal Handling) check, a party member can approach the injured bear should they wish to heal it or investigate the cave further. The bears will remain wary of the party. Within the space is the component pouch of a deceased adventurer containing a number gems and stones worth 120gp.

If the party choose to avoid the left-hand side of the cave, the protective bear will cautiously follow the party out of the cave (making a stealth check against their passive perception) until they emerge into the forest on the other side.

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Encounter 3: Goblin Ambush
As the party continue to follow the beaten path, a small hunting party consisting of four goblins and four wolves will attempt to ambush the party from either side of the path. They will make stealth checks against the party’s passive perception in an attempt to surprise them.

Each goblin is carrying a number of hand-made trinkets fashioned from slain woodland creatures including jewellery of teeth, feathers and bone as well as 1d10 gold pieces each. The wolves are adorned with hand-made leather collars.

North-east of the ambush site, the tell-tale smoke of a campfire rises from a clearing and a DC 12 Wisdom (Survival) check will allow a party member to ascertain that the ambushers travelled from this direction.

Encounter 4: The Hunting Camp

The hunting camp is surrounded by thick forest grass. Initially the party can see one large humanoid figure and one smaller humanoid sat close to a roaring campfire. A DC 16 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals the large figure to be an ogre with a dire wolf curled at his feet while the smaller figure to be a goblin.

On the furthest edges of the camp are five cages. Four contain captive wolves while the fifth contains a captive owlbear.

The hunters can be reasoned if approached but will attack if threatened. If the party approach with a desire to negotiate, the goblin will introduce himself as Zarzak and state that the buyer of the owlbear has already paid a decent price for its safe delivery. With a DC 18 Charisma (Persuasion) check and an offer to match the buying price with a further 100gp, the hunters will move on, freeing the wolves and the owlbear.

If the party and the hunters cannot reach an agreement and the party refuse to leave, the hunters will fight to the death.

In any instance where combat is initiated, the ogre will use its action to free one wolf to fight per round.

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Ending the Quest
If the party free the wolves and owlbear themselves, the creatures will flee into the forest with no desire to fight the party unless they purposefully attempt to hinder their escape.

Returning to Ziko, they will be pleased to hear that the party have cleared the hunters and moreso if they healed the bear within the caves. As a reward for their kind-hearted nature, he will offer the party a choice between Bracers of Archery or Boots of Elvenkind.

Moving On
• If the hunters are moved on, their buyer may come after the party and demand payment for their ‘lost’ property.

• Ziko, while clearly magical, may in fact be a fey creature that was testing their resolve for a far more dangerous task in the Feywild.

• A young owlbear may step into the camp once it is clear and the party may have to track down its parent and reunite the pair.

• Boots of Elvenkind (DMG p155)
• Bracers of Archery (DMG p156)

Creatures and NPCs
• Giant Elk (MM p325)

• Giant Spider (MM p328)

• Brown Bear (MM p319)

• Goblin (MM p166)

• Wolf (MM p341)

• Ogre (MM p237)

• Dire Wolf (MM p321)

• Owlbear (MM p249)

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