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Dwarf Games?

Hi everyone! I'm running a D&D game for my kids and a couple of their friends and I could use some help coming up with some ideas for "Dwarf Games" (tests of strength and skill, but Forgotten Realms dwarf-themed). The party is soon going to end up in a town that's under constant harassment from a pirate flotilla in the area; the lord mayor will say they're desperate for cannons to defend the port but a nearby dwarven settlement won't forge them despite repeated pleas.

One of the players is running a dwarf barbarian with a hermit background. I'm planning on having the dwarven settlement in question be the hermitage where that character's family is (I started the campaign with N4 Treasure Hunt and the players don't know where they are or where their homes are in relation to where they are) – the members of the hermitage will be fanatics of Dumathoin who are currently following portents from their clerics to focus all their efforts on mining for a supposed motherload of rare gems and thus the forges are quiet.

I'll take a moment here to mention that I've been listening to Dungeons and Daddies lately and I really like a lot of the ideas DM Anthony Burch brings to the table, particularily the non-combat challenges he puts in front of his players. With that in mind, I'm thinking of having the party arrive at the hermitage just in time for the sect's annual Tests of Might and Skill (actual name TBD); the winner of course will be able to make one reasonable request of the elders of the sect (like, say, bumping the production of some cannon for the village to the top of the queue).

What are some good ideas for individual events? In order to get the whole party involved, the tests will be contested by teams rather than individuals (although each team will only be allowed one competitor per event) – it will be quite controvertial for non-Dwarves to participate but there will be a convenient omission in the rules only requiring the leader of each team to be Dwarven. Events that the players will be able to rig somehow in their favour if they are clever will be extra appreciated. So far I have a few potential ideas:

  • Competetive Drinking: This will be resolved with constitution checks, but hopefully the players think to swap in their Trusty Tankard (a magical tankard that holds more liquid than it should) to slow down the hermitage's best drinker, or maybe they swap out regular beer with stronger beer.
  • Tale Spinning: The best story about one's ancestors wins. Charisma checks here; I hope to give the players advantage for being creative.
  • Rock Crushing: Each team's competitor is given a standard hammer and a pile of rocks. You get the picture. Strength checks, but I'm not sure what windows exist for the players to game a win here (not all the events need backdoor victory conditions but I don't want the session to be a bunch of rolls).

…over to you?


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