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Editing Barbarian Trait Stats to DEX: Am I going to be too generous to my GF?

Content of the article: "Editing Barbarian Trait Stats to DEX: Am I going to be too generous to my GF?"

Hello! I'm a fairly green DM (<10 sessions under my belt) and I'm about to start a campaign for a bunch of new players, including my girlfriend. In past campaigns, I've been waaay too generous with my players – giving them uncommon magic items at level 3, nerfing monsters' stats mid-battle, allowing rolls for the players to pull off impossible tasks, etc. – and it has lead to a great deal of stress in the past as I struggled to make campaigns challenging against a bunch of glass cannons I was too afraid to scratch. I really want to avoid this in my new campaign, and I'm determined to be more strict but yet still open to "rule of cool" interpretations. However, I'm now pretty worried over one concession I made in character creation: I told my girlfriend that she could play a barbarian with the stat benefits for Strength all changed to Dexterity.

At the moment (and under the influence) this seemed like a reasonable concession. She rolled her stats much more poorly than the rest of the party (14, 12, 11, 11, 10, 9 I think it was), and she came to the table with a very specific character model in mind: she wants to base her character on the DC superhero Huntress (if you aren't familiar, think like Punisher's approach to crime mixed with Electra's backstory). She wants a balletic weapons-based character that occasionally gets lost in furious rage. At the time, I figured it would be okay allowing this character to use DEX as the Base stat for all the normal Barbarian STR traits. Now I'm worried that I've been too generous. During our Session 0, my GF killed most of the enemies in the final battle in her DEX-based rage, and one of the players has since made a comment that not-so-subtly hinted that she might be OP.

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Have I screwed up and given this player too much power? I'm thinking I might require her to multiclass into monk to continue to use DEX instead of STR. Does that seem like a fair trade? Is there a better character build to fit this model that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

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