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Just to paint a picture here, I’m running an Explorers Guide to Wildemount campaign and the players are big fans of Critical Role and it’s mythos, with that being said here’s what I’m dealing with:

So the last session ended with the players meeting a woman named Iris Benthlas, who sought out the party due to their reputation and starting next session she is going to direct them to a city or township to check on an “old friend” who hasn’t reported back to her in a matter of weeks.

The reason for that is because of the monster I have set up for the players to confront is an extremely powerful Cambion who rules the town or city in all but name, and her mere presence after decades of exposure to her influence has altered the city or town and it’s denizens to pretty much become the dnd equivalent of Las Vegas due to the regional effect I’ve titled:

The Call of Hedonism.

“Any humanoids sleeping within 1 mile of Xylira’s Lair must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or give in to their more self indulgent tendencies as determined by the “Call of Hedonism” table upon waking the next day.

Any humanoid that succeeds on their saving throw can’t be subjected to this regional effect again for 24 hours.” (DC 21)

“If a humanoid failed their wisdom saving throw roll on the “Call of Hedonism” table to determine the nature of their indulgence, this lasts until the end of their next long rest or cured by a Greater Restoration spell. Once their state of indulgence has passed they are immune to the effect for 24 hours.”

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Call of Hedonism Table:

Roll d100

Flaw (lasts until next long rest or cured )

01–20 “I will attend or start an extravagant event to the exclusion of anything or anyone else.”

21–40 “I will indulge myself with lavish amounts of food and intoxicants.”

41–60 “Enjoying myself in whatever idle capacity I usually subject myself to comes first, before any duty or responsibilities.”

61–80 “I will not rest until I have made someone or something I have desired mine, doing so is more important to me than my own life—or the lives of others.”

81–90 “My own carnal desires is of paramount importance. Everything else, including social graces, is a triviality.”

91–00 “Anything that can bring me happiness should be enjoyed immediately. There is no point to saving anything pleasurable for later.”

Now with all of this out in the open, I’m trying to come up with an appropriate town or city that if you looked it up in the EGtW, that such an effect on the region would make sense without using any of the cities or towns “Critical Role” has used.

Mostly because to reiterate a majority of my players are diehard fans of the show and it’s canon, and I don’t want to ruffle any feathers if I can avoid it.

So for those who have read the Explorers Guide to Wildemount, is their an appropriate town or city for my homebrew monster to effect that won’t cause me to facepalm, because I’ll have to hear one of my players in the party in particular go “um… well actually…”.

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