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Elsir Vale Campaign: Episode 1





Bergearnis Gantjelm leaves her homeland, the elven hideaway of Tiri Kitri. As an adult, she has decided to go on an adventure to help rebuild her late kingdom.

"You may not be able to return here. But may your branches be richly mined."

The elves who sent her off in their elegant rowing boats bid her farewell in their own language.

"I will be a great tree. And I will bring you fruit." Bergearnis replied in Elvish and continued on her way with her packhorse, Almond.

The goal is Brindle. She have heard that the renowned wizard, Immerstal the Red, has the power to read fate. And it is said that Bergearnis' late father also relied on him.

"Let's go, Almond. We must face them." With determination, one human and one horse go down the hot, dry street.

After three days of walking, you will see the high castle of Brindle in the eyes of Bergearnis.

"I'm surprised. That's a much bigger city than the Elven Village." Bergearnis headed for the city gates with an elated heart.

"One copper for a man, one silver for a horse." The guard at the city gate stops Bergearnis and calls out to her.

"Hmm, thanks for the protection. Take care of it." The guards stared at Bergearnis' graceful demeanor.

"I'm sorry if I am. If so, I apologize. Please forgive me." The guards naturally nodded their heads at Bergearnis.

"Well, for some reason I can't reveal the details of my identity at the moment, but in time you will come to know. When you do, You will be proud to know that it was you who witnessed her departure." Bergearnis walked confidently through the city gates and into Brindle's Square, a bustling marketplace.

"Well, well, well, it's a festival today. What a crowd." She had never seen such a crowd in her hidden village.

"It's not a festival today, little girl. You've come from the north. Have you come from Witchecross? Is there someone who wants to see you?" Bergearnis have virtue who attracts the attention of others and is easily approached by them.

"Mmm, I'm looking for someone. His name is Immerstal the Red." Bergearnis responded in a hawkish manner.

think people will naturally follow her fine behavior.

"Immerstal! You are looking for that wizard! You must be either a fool or a brave one. And fortunately for you, the red magic store, the home of the Immerstal, is the building with the tower you see there."

"Mmm, I am indebted. Good luck and prosperity to you." While returning the habitual Elvish reply, Bergearnis headed for the Red Magical Goods Shop.

The Red Magic General Store, in a building with white plastered exterior walls and a small tower. It was located at the entrance of an alleyway slightly off the market.

"Yes, please. Is Mr. Immerstal at home?" Opening a door with a brass handle, Bergearnis called out to the store.

The inside of the store is lit green by lamps and the smell of incense is in the air. Here and there, the shelves are lined with strange, never-before-seen objects.

"This is a store. It's not a place to introduce people." A woman writing behind a writing desk at the back of the store responds without looking up.

"I have come to rely on you, Immerstal. "I have come to ask for your help. My father was a great help to him." When Bergearnis repeated her request, the woman finally raised her head and looked at the visitor. The woman's almond-shaped eyes, characteristic of elves, took the time to stare as if looking into the depths of her soul.

"So you're from Gantjelm. Then I'm sure he'll be fine, he'll show up." The woman then looked down at her ledger and resumed writing.

"You know me, then I would be honored if you would intercede." Bergearnis asks for the third time. It was granted.

Next to her, about five feet away, the space distorts and a mature man in a red robe appears to float into view.

"Immerstal the Red, here I am." The wizard says his name and looks at Bergearnis.

"Hmm, you felt it was time to fulfill your destiny and responsibility. So be it." The wizard nodded his head in agreement.

"Do you know my father? About my father?" Bergearnis asks the red wizard briskly.

"We have never met in person. But I have been close to its path, through people, through fate." The wizard responds to Bergearnis with strange words.

"If you are to face your destiny, you must first cultivate your virtue. Virtue is manifested by your behavior." The wizard continued.

"Lord Jarmarth was looking for something to help people. You may ask him. He is an acquaintance of your father's."

Bergearnis listened to the wizard's words and nodded.

"I am concerned about the future of this valley torn in a thousand pieces. If it means confronting our destiny, then of course I will do it. Thank you for your guidance." Bergearnis bows her head and thanks the wizard.

"Yes, it is a good heart. But to face your destiny, you need good people. This way, please." As the wizard called out, a black shadow descended noiselessly from the top of the spiral staircase.

"Yes. Immerstal. I'm here." The black shadow was a young man with dark skin and pointed ears. His face was covered with a thin veil.

"Do what you will with her, and your destiny will be opened." The wizard calls out to the young man, and the young man responds.

"Yes, sir. Master Bergearnis, please allow me to stay by your side." The young man turns to Bergearnis and gets down on one knee.

"You'll lose your formalities soon enough. I'm just a swordsman now. What is your name?" Bergearnis holds out his hand to the young man and asks.

"Gilforn. Please, call me Gil." Gilforn took Bergearnis's sword-forged hand reverently and stood up.

And so, Gilforn the magical swordman became the companion of Bergearnis Gantjelm.

Bergearnis, Gilforn, and their horse, Almond, went to Castle Brindle.

Bergearnis tells them that he is here on the introduction of Immerstal the Red, and the guards lead them into the castle.

The guards escort the girls into the castle, where they meet the lord, Carden Jarmuth, in the audience hall.

"You're Gantjelm! You look like one." Lord Jarmus calls out to Bergearnis.

“Really! My name is Bergearnis Ganjerum. Did you know my father?" Bergearnis asks.

"Of course. Your father and uncle fought with me in the war against the orcs." Lord Jarmarth continued.

"But one day, he said he was going to the Wyrmsmoke Mountains and never returned. I believe he fought against the giants of the mountain range and ended up in a sorry state." Lord Jarmarth recalled the old days and spoke.

"You didn't see the end of my father, did you? My father's last moments." Bergearnis couldn't help but speak up.

"Yes. But he will not leaving. You said, "Bergearnis. You must shape your own destiny with your own strength." Lord Jarmarth said, pointing to a map of the great valley in the audience hall.

There is a village called "the foot of the mound". It's a small village. I received a letter from there asking for help. The goblins are on the loose and the village is in danger." Lord Jarmarth continues.

"If I and my lion, Brindle, were to move, we might provoke the surrounding cities. It is a time of political instability. So there."

Lord Jarmarth looked into Bergearnis' eyes.

"You are the heir to the name of Ganjerum. Please help this village out of its peril."

Bergearnis looks back into Lord Jarmarth's eyes and responds.

"'My father would have certainly stood up for people in such a situation. Leave it to me."

And so Bergearnis and her party set out for the village at the foot of the mound.

Along the way, They hears a strange crying sound as I make my way along The Dawn way, a street along the Elsia River.

"It's too much…" I looked and saw a big white cat wearing a hat crying loudly on the riverbank. A black owl is perched on his shoulder.

His cries were so pitiful that Bergearnis approached him and called out.

"What is the matter with you?"

Then the big cat responds.

"I was just eating a lot of food. Then the captain said, "He eats a lot of food without working. I'm going to fire him. And then he left me here. It's too bad, too bad." He continued to cry in a pitiful voice.

"'Hmm, well, by the looks of your hat and wand, I take it you're a wizard?' Gilforn asks.

"I'm Siro the Great Mage! I'll get mad if you make a mistake! And this owl here is Kuro." Siro stood up abruptly and looked at Bergearnis and Gilforn.

"If you guys insist, I'll go with you. Just don't forget to eat three meals a day." Thinking he has found a new employer, he sells himself to Bergearnis and Gilforn.

"I have no doubt that he is a wizard. What do you think, Sir.Bergearnis? Why don't you take him with you?" Gilforn advises.

"If Gil says it's okay, then it's okay. Siro, follow me."

And so, the Great Mage Siro and his familiar Kuro became the companions of Bergearnis Ganjerum.

As they continue along The Dawn Way, they comes to a small pass.

This is Naimon Gap, and there is a slant-eyed beholder's pavilion, an inn for travelers on The Dawn Way to rest.

In front of the inn, in front of the gate, stands a strange stone statue.

It looks like it is wearing plate mail, and is made of a strange material that looks like stone or metal.

Bergearnis decided to take a closer look at the stone statue. His curiosity got the better of her.

It was stained with dirt and dust, but its joints were solid and seemed ready to move.

After dusting it off, I looked at the pattern and saw that it had some old words written on it.

"Forge a fire in the furnace," Bergearnis read from an old Moradin scripture.

"What the hell is this spell stuff? Gill, Almond, let's go inside." After satisfying his curiosity by looking at the stone statues, Bergearnis called out to his companions. And so, the group entered the inn.

The inn was filled with warm air and a soft glow. Yorin Bax, the half-elf shopkeeper, frowned for a moment at the sight of Gilforn, but lost her chance to swear when Siro, the master of the Siro furball, entered.

"Come, come, come to the Beholders' Pavilion. It's the only place around here where you'll find a hot meal and a place to sleep."

"I'll ask you to stay the night. There are horses outside." As Bergearnis was asking for a place to stay, he heard a commotion outside.

"Red Tigers! They're here! They're finally going to take over this inn!" They're going to take over the inn!" The restaurant is in a state of confusion as guests search for escape routes.

"Shopkeeper, what is the Red Tiger Gang?" Bergearnis calmly tries to grasp the situation.

"He's a scoundrel who's trying to take over this area. They want to take over this pass so they can collect the toll. That's why they're targeting this inn."

"Hmmm, it is the recalcitrants who are obstructing the traffic of the world. I will defeat them." Bergearnis said.

"Come, all of you, let us punish these scoundrels! He sashayed out of the inn.

Outside the inn, several rogues and a large rogue chieftain blocked the way with curved swords shining.

"What? You're not Yorin? Little girl, have you come to play with us?" The villain smiled disgustingly and looked at Bergearnis as if licking her.

"I'll pull out your rude tongue and take away your freedom to flirt with Yama. You scoundrels!" Bergearnis pulled out the sword on his back.

"Well, well, well. With a shiny sword like that, you're an amateur. Hey, little girl. Back off!" Before he could finish his words, the villainous leader slashed her so hard that Bergearnis fell to the ground, deeply wounded.

"Bergearnis! SIro, cover the spell!" Gilforn rushes to the scene, but Bergearnis doesn't move.

"The weak will be eaten by the strong. These are good times! These are the times!" The villain howls, kicking Bergearnis in the body.

Bergearnis has a short but vivid dream. When she was very young, she asked her father, who was leaving home.

"Why do you always have to go away? There are tears in the eyes of young Bergearnis.

"There are people in trouble, people who endure unreasonableness. People who are afraid of violence. Isn't it sad that there are people like that?" her father continued with gentle words.

"So, those with a strong heart must save them. I can't stay afraid, that's why I'm leaving."

"Yes. This is what Father meant by unreasonable. The frightened people are the people of this valley. I've learned that now."

Bergearnis stands up and strikes a counterattack at the head of the villains.

"Beep, righteous surge confirmed. Omitting activation sequence 56 and beyond. Going into obedience mode immediately."

With a mysterious voice, the stone statue in front of the inn begins to move, shooting flames from its hands and burning the villain.

"Did the statue move? …Then good! Help us defeat the villain!" Bergearnis shouts, and the statue responds.

Then, in a series of sword fights, Bergearnis finally strikes down the head of the villains.

"A stone statue. What is your name?" Bergearnis calls out to the stone statue, which joins her.

"Beep, unable to replay individual name due to omitted startup sequence. It's a Khundrukar warforged. No name. Nameless, sir." The stone statue responds in a strange tone of voice again.

"Hmm, Nameless. That man was very good at defeating the bad guys. What will you do now?"

"Beep, With a wave of justice, I sense the bloodline of the Rhest royal family. I'm a subordinate." The stone statue, Nameless, responded with a funny tone of voice and hung its head reverently.

"So, there it is. Good, then. Follow me!"

And so, the mysterious stone statue Nameless became the companion of Bergearnis Gantjelm.

After spending the night at the inn, Bergearnis and his group took a side road off the road to the village at the foot of the mound.

Two days after entering a side street, I hear the sound of sword fights ahead.

I ran over and saw that the goblins were attacking a wagon.

"Goblins! Stop attacking the wagon or I'll cut you off!" Bergearnis's voice echoed, but there was no sign of the goblins stopping their looting.

"It's no use, let's all go!" Bergearnis called out, and with Nameless' fire magic and Siro's sleep magic, the goblins were instantly subdued.

"Is there anyone left alive?" Gilforn searches the fallen wagon and the surrounding area.

"Oh, there are no more goblins! I guess Sten was saved! Thank you, you guys!" A small figure rolls out from the shadow of the wagon. It looks like a halfling.

"Who are you? Is this your wagon?" Gilforn asks.

"That's right. That's Sten the peddler's wagon! All the guards were killed. That's why I'm so grateful to you guys. Please, please, please. Will you please come with me to the village at the foot of the mound?"

Giggling at Sten's well-moving tongue, Gilforn asks Bergearnis, "So, it seems to me, Sir.Bergearnis, why don't you help her?

"Gil. Of course. Let's help and protect her." Bergearnis drove the wagon herself and gladly accepted Sten's offer.

""Sten, you say." We're going to put the bodies of the guards on the wagon. Good." Bergearnis loads the bodies of the three fallen guards onto the wagon.

"'Beep, incomprehensible, incomprehensible, Master Gantjelm, why do you need more luggage?' Nameless asks.

"They fought for their lives, and it is unbearable that they should be ravaged by wild beasts. Let's give them a proper burial in the village at the foot of the mound."

"Bibi, I'm detecting a wave of justice." Nameless looks satisfied and wraps the body in cloth.

"You said Sten. Are there many goblins around here?" Bergearnis asks.

"When Sten left the village at the foot of the mound, I didn't look like that. That's why I only had a minimal escort. It's strange, isn't it? When we get to the foot of the mound, I'll give you some of the goods from Sten's store. I'm sure Sten will be very happy."

"I appreciate the offer. But only after we get through this battle. I hope you're all aware of that!"Bergearnis called out to the others as she noticed the wolves and goblins attacking from behind the rocks.

"I feel like I'm already overworked. But I can't help it, so I'm going to do it." Siro the Great Mage uses a sleep spell to put the goblins and wolves to sleep.

It seems that the enemy also has goblin spellcasters, and the ivy on the ground grows out and wraps around the bodies of Siro and Gilforn.

"I'll kill caster, Nameless!" Bergearnis brandished his greatsword and linked up with Nameless to strike down the goblin shaman.

The rest of the goblins were swept away and only one was captured for information gathering.

Thus, Bergearnis and her party experienced the crisis at the foot of the mound firsthand.

The time for adventure has come to an end, and we will continue in the next installment.

I am a Japanese speaker and the game is also played in Japanese.

I will also include a report in Japanese.











「どこかのお嬢様でしたかね? でしたら失礼しやした。どうぞご容赦を。」衛兵は自然とベルジュアーニスに首を垂れます。



「今日は祭りじゃないよお嬢ちゃん。北から来なさったね。魔女ヶ瀬から来なすったか? 誰か尋ね人でもいるのかね?」ベルジュアーニスは耳目を集める人徳を備えており、すぐに人から声をかけられます。



「イマースタル! あの魔法使いをお探しか! あなたは愚か者か勇気あるもののどちらかに違いあるまい。そして幸運なことに、赤の魔法雑貨店、かのイマースタルの根城は、そこに見えている塔のある建物ですぞ。」




























「ガントイェルムであるな! 面影がある。」ジャルマース卿はベルジュアーニスに声をかけます。














「ひどいにゃー あんまりだにゃー。」見ると、ハットを被った大きな白い猫が、川岸で大声で泣いています。その肩には黒いフクロウが停まっています。






「大魔道士のシロにゃ! 間違えたら怒るにゃ! そんでこっちのフクロウはクロだにゃ。」シロは急に立ち上がり、ベルジュアーニスとギルフォルンを見やります。
















「赤虎組だ! 奴らがやってきたぞ! ついにこの宿を乗っ取る気なんだ!」客はあちこちへ逃げる経路を探し、店内は混乱状態となります。









「ベルジュアーニス! シロ殿、呪文の援護を!」ギルフォルンが駆けつけますが、ベルジュアーニスは動きません。

「弱いやつは強いやつに食われる。いい時代だ! この時代はな!」ベルジュアーニスの体を蹴飛ばし、悪党が吠えます。









「石像が動いた? ・・・ならば良し! 悪党を倒すために力を貸すのだ!」ベルジュアーニスは叫び、石像はそれに応えます。











「小鬼ども! 荷馬車を襲うのを止めよ! さもなくば刀の錆となるぞ!」ベルジュアーニスの声が響きますが、子鬼たちが略奪をやめる気配はありません。



「あー、もうゴブリンはいないのね! ステンは助かったのね! あなたたち、ありがとう!」荷馬車の影から、小さな人影が転がり出てきます。ハーフリングのようです。

「君は? これは君の荷馬車なのかい?」ギルフォルンは尋ねます。

「そうよ。物売り上手のステンの荷馬車よ! 護衛は皆やられちゃったのね。だからあなた達には感謝しているの。どうかお願いよ。塚ふもとの村まで、一緒に行ってくれないかしら?」



















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