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Encouraging PC to try crazy things helped my story.

Content of the article: "Encouraging PC to try crazy things helped my story."

I'm a new DM and I'm running a homebrew campaign. It's an entirely separate region in the physical realm that has at least some ties to a demon realm. The PCs are trying to determine what is going on and trying to help an NPC lord fix the problems.

To have a bit of a relaxed evening one time, the city they use as a home base had an end of fall festival to celebrate the harvest and mark the beginning of the colder months. This festival had contests, prizes, parties, and a lot of NPC-PC interaction.

One of the contests was an illusion/magic contest to show off the local wizards, warlocks, etc. We have an illusion based wizard in the PC and she wanted to show off. To win the contest, she tried to turn 5 kids into fruit pies which matched the theme of the celebration. Being chaotic neutral, this was definitely in character and a very unique idea. In my head, it was going to be a hard roll, nat 15+ was successful, 10-15 was half the kids, and <10 would fail. She rolls and of course, nat 20. The 5 kids instantly turn from little beings into perfect, steaming hot fruit pies. They even smell enchanting. She releases the spell and the kids pop back into existence and she wins the contest hands down. Chaotic neutral is an amazing choice for her PC apparently.

Well the player liked the idea of turning things into pies and being an illusionary wizard, they ask to add the spell to their spell list and keep it for later use. I say yes, since they rolled a nat 20 and it was entirely their own convention, they can add it as a level 2 or 3 spell. She doesn't use it terribly often, but at one point, she could turn one of her spells into a cantrip and of course she chooses the pie spell. I encourage this since it's a really good in character line of role play.

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Later in the campaign her group had to kill 5 guards that were taking them to be questioned about crimes in the area. They kill all of them but there are horses left. With horses being rare in the land, they have to do something. Well instead of killing them or setting them free or even taking them, the wizard chooses to turn them into pies and then sell them in the city.

Here's the kicker, the spell has a limit for how long it can last and they turn back into the original form. If you consume these pies, you are essentially killing and eating whatever it originally was. The pie gets sold to one of the guards in the city and on the way out, that guard was starting to get sick.

I love when characters do things like this. They've used it to their advantage on a few occasions and it's always incredible when it works. since this spell was created, I've encouraged more things like this and it helped to develop the characters. They have deeper stories and even rumors about these remarkable feats have started to spread. It was one of the best moments in my first campaign as a dm.

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