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Epic Dragon vs. Low-Level Party Battle

>Be me, DM from Hell throws a dragon at 4th level party

>Be not me, Gentle DM who coddles his players

>Our current adventure party was level 4 last night as they wandered haphazardly into Thundertree looking for a druid…

>Running into some Blights and Ash Zombies had them wasting a few spells without much care as they flaunted their power.

>One of the party members (our Monk) knew there was potentially a dragon named Venomfang in the tower.

>He kept this fact a secret because he has a vendetta and wanted to kill the dragon more than you can imagine!

>When they approached the building the rogue (who happens to be a Tabaxi) scouted ahead stealthily.

>He decided to climb the tower looking in archery murder holes ends up climbing whole tower to broken roof 40 feet up.

>The remainder of the party gets anxious and decides to chance sneaking in, finding nothing but dusty furniture and a door…

>Just as the rogue was peeking over the top of the tower, the cleric decided to open an inner door……….

>At the same instant both players saw a young green dragon laying on his small treasure pile.

>The dragon spotted the cleric and leapt to his feet with a roar!

>Next thing you know, the monk pushed past the cleric and sprang into action attacking the dragon bare handed! HAHA!

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>Long story short, they had a knock down drag out brawl. Nearly everyone in the party died, but somehow managed to survive.

>I decided that Venomfang was holding his breath-weapon as a last resort, assuming he could easily dispatch this party of youngster.

>When he got down to half his HP damage the party landed a few critical hits, and in a panic the dragon decided to flee.

>Oddly enough, just before the dragon took flight, the Tabaxi rogue did an acrobatic leap onto the dragon's back (not knowing Venomfang was taking off).

>The dragon got to 60 feet in the air when the fighter used his Eldritch Knight spell ability and cast Sleep on the dragon.

>His roll was 1 point higher than the dragon's remaining HP. Soooo…

>The dragon fell asleep and fell from the sky…The rogue also fell, but had one more hit point then the dragon, thus not falling asleep.

>Fortunately there was a 30-foot tall tree right next to them as they fell, and the rogue made an exceptional save on his Acrobatics check.

>Taking half damage, he landed in the tree.

>Unfortunately for the dragon, the fall damage was too much and he was incapacitated.

>Topping it off, the cleric ran out and slammed the dragon skull with his Warhammer.

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>Thus ended one of my best gaming nights ever!!!

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