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Escaping a city ideas

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find some escape idea for a one shot where player must escape a zombie city like invasion (rats and wererats).

The players character are 3 childrens (11 years old) that are in a somekind of a magic school during the event. The professor is attacked, and he give them a girmoire with all the arcane spell before he's killed.

Rules and gimmick:

  • Children have 2 actions:
    – read and cast a random spell from the grimoire
    – bonus action throw the grimmoir to the next player
    * For the spell grimoir i'm using the arcane spell deck, and shuffle the deck everytime they use it.
  • The game is alway time based, depending of the event there's alway 1 to 5min for taking a decison
  • every time they use a spell, due to their young age and lake of knowledge and pratrice, the spell is taking a chunck of their lifespend. (i won't tell them, but give them hint by taking down some of their stat )
  • A PNC gard will protect them when they fail a bit to hard and advise them if needed. He must survive at all cost because he's a PC in an another group.

I'll take this (gorgeous) map, i replaced the train track by a canal. The source of the invasion is the moutain where the city were escavating from years and years. http://www.fantasticmaps.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/redwallwebres1.jpg

My ideas for the escape for now:The canal, they need a boat from the point located at 3 on the map. They can't reach it by navigating trough the infested street of the city or by the sewerAt the magic school there's a concierge who can help them a the beginner, give them idea or plan of escaping the city safely.

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In the epilogue, all the 3 children will die of old age because they consumed all their life for casting spell (kinda like in Akira), or maybe sacrice themself for the sake of the other.

I can't think of someting else for now, i can't think of another way of escaping, but i would like more way to escape for them to try. It feel kinda limited right now.

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