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Everything you need for your DM screen!

Content of the article: "Everything you need for your DM screen!"

Hi, I'm a fairly new DM, and experienced DnD player. With some woodworking and painting I've made a DM screen to use in my games. But when time came to fill it up, I was… Kinda lost.

So, to solve that problem for everyone else, I did some research, read the PHB, DMM, and MM, to get a good idea of what should I put in mine. I think it's pretty complete, and I appreciate any and all suggestions of what I should add. Taking things out is not a suggestion, since these are things I considered and found myself wanting to have at hand. You can take them out if you want. You might think "Everyone knows this!" or "After the first game, why should this matter?", but this is designed for new and experienced DM's alike.

Here's a drive link to the Word document, ready to print, cut, and paste onto your physical DM screen. Its all cramed up to take as few pages as possible.


And here's a list of everything that its inside of this word document:

-Skills and its associated abilities

-Cover AC bonus

-Setting a DC, and a Tracking DC.

-Trap save DCs and attack bonuses and their severity by level

-Travel Paces and their penalty's/advantages

-Saving Throws with their associated abilities

-Currency conversion (Copper to silver, silver to gold, etc.)

-Ability Scores and their respective modifiers

-Conditions and states, what they mean and what they do.

-Experienced needed to level up at each level, and their proficiency bonus

-Exhaustion levels and their consequences

-Creature size and their respective initiative modifier

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-A small box where you can write your Players names, passive perception, and Armor. This is something I added, and hope you can find it useful. It prevents you from having to ask each player, and keeps the game with a nice flow.

-Armors and shields, their AC, their disadvantages, their weight, and cost.

-Actions and their explanation

-Weapons, their price, damage dice, weight, and properties.

-Adventuring gear, useful to make a store up! Has most items a player might ask for in a store, their prices and weight.

-Food, Drink, and Lodging costs. Useful for tavern prices.

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