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Ex-slave riddle-master rogue

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Be me: Kol-Jha Kobold Sorcerer

Be not me: Murdut Ork Fighter, Yeet Gnoll Ranger, Silit Kobold Rogue

Open into the pitch blackness of our strange puzzle.

We find our path is looping back on itself in cluster patterns that don't make sense.

Try something other than walking into the black…

Murdut tosses a coin 30ft… then goes to it and tosses another 30ft and goes to it.

Kol-Jha asks him to stop there as he approaches.

Kol-Jha asks him to toss the coin above him and keep doing so as he begins to throw Jolt at it…

No idea what this will do but hopefully get us a hint once Kol hits the coin.

Eventually hit the coin… to no effect but losing the coin. Welp there goes that wild guess.

Murdut goes to retrieve the coin… reaches the edge of Kol's vision and seems to just stand in place…

Kol, without saying anything just starts walking backwards…

Walking backwards he reaches the rest of the party but perceived distance to Murdut doesn't change.

Murdut tries walking backward… no apparent distance gained from walking backward

Kol calls for the party to gather in a circle and asks them to start walking backwards and note when they stop perceiving people moving backward.

Everyone seems to stop at 60ft distance from eachother

Have the two on the axis tangential to mine walk toward the further person and then another walk toward him.

Distance was traveled with no problem…

There goes another wild guess.

Murdut tries lifting Yeet and throwing them further away from Kol-Jha's perception…

Murdut watches Yeet faceplant into the ground 30ft away

Yeet is now out of sight of Kol-Jha.

Murdut disappears into the darkness from Kol's perspective as he walks to Yeet.

Murdut and Yeet are now separated from Kol and Silit…

They try walking back but can't find us.

They manage to manipulate the darkness screwery to find their way back to us.

Both Murdut & Kol have the idea to abuse perception to try to make forward progress.

We enact our plan and find a wall

Manipulating perception brings the entire party to the wall

Bright flash as we reach the wall

Yeet and Kol both go 'ow my eyes' at the bright flash

The 600ft wide room is now brightly illuminated rather than shrouded in darkness.

The wizard is in the center of the room…

"Well, was this amusing for you?" Kol-Jha

… wizard disappears after a moment without responding.

Kol looks for the impacts that were our trail… all clustered about the center of the chamber

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Learn we really weren't moving at all from finding the impacts tightly grouped about the center of the room.

Yell to the party we truly weren't making any progress until the last thing they tried

Murdut finds the way out and calls the party over.

Through the exit tunnel we go!

A small podium is set before us in a room with a dozen exits each marked with a number.

A word game is written in a book upon the podium:

"There are 2 ducks in front of 2 other ducks.

There are 2 ducks behind 2 other ducks.

There are 2 ducks beside 2 other ducks.

How many are there?"

The podium warns death is the penalty for wrong answers.

Party out of character-ly starts discussing the riddle…

DM calls for a perception check from the two of us who read it IC… crit fail and a 26.

We come to a few solutions… two, four, or six actual ducks.

Silit decides to walk down the door marked 4.

Kol shouts, "Stop! 11 deathtraps, 1 true path."

Silit keeps going down tunnel 4.

After she 'rounds a bend Kol calls to her "Silit? You okay?"

"Yes!" she replies.

Kol follows down the path the party having defeated the puzzle in record time!

The Rogue won the day for us… now where's the (catfolk) rogue again?

Traveling down the corridor the party rolls perception…

The tunnel seems to slope upward, very slightly, as we go.

We find a new room with hundreds of exits and a new podium…

DM says this is suppose to be an old and easy riddle and bans us from googling it… now I'm nervous.

"As I was going to St Ives

I met a man with 7 wives

Each wife had 7 sacks

Each sack held 7 cats

Each cat had 7 kits.

Kits, Cats, Sacks, and Wives

How many were going to St. Ives?"

The rogue, Silit, is first to answer, "One."

As the I think about it I come to agree…

Silit and Murdut stroll down corridor one… nothing happens.

"Good job Silit!" Kol calls

Guess it was an easy one after all… of course that can only mean harder ones later on.

Easily noticeable slope upward… good cardio workout leading to the next room.

Another podium but this time no doors.

It commands us to speak the solution to this riddle:

"A cloud was my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, and I'm the torment of man. Who Am I?"

Silit speaks the answer before I even finish reading the riddle and the room is no more.

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DM mentions we weren't suppose to solve all the puzzles in 45 minutes.

DM challenges the rogue with a new riddle:

"Railroad crossing without any cars, can you say it without any Rs?"

We hear someone call from the far end of the new room…

Silit calls back the riddle sans R and takes damage.

"IT!" Kol calls back at the figure.

The figure claps.

The Wizard is again there, slow clapping.

No disappearing on us this time.

Murdut slow claps back at the wizard again, comments that he was worried that Murduts clapping scared him off.

Kol approaches the wizard on the thrown, "So how long did you expect us to take?"

Wizard "Longer than you did but it was good enjoyment watching you go. I quite enjoyed your antics in the dark room."

Murdut "What was your favorite?"

Wizard "I think your riddlemaster failing the final riddle."

The wizard asks now that we've solved the puzzles why we came

"Well, as I mentioned before the first puzzle we've been unpleasantly transformed."

The Wizard snerks and asks, "Unpleasantly?"

Murdut goes to interject but it waved off and told to wait their turn.

Kol "Yes, I have a mate and this has rather complicated things."

Wizard remarks about transforming the mate.

Kol explains that could be a solution but not the best

Wizard asks what he wants then

Kol suggests reversal of the transformation…

Wizard mumbo-jumbos at him and he collapses in pain (I forgot the transformation physically felt good so reversal is painful)

Silit steps up and is acknowledged.

She asks to remove the necklace she's been cursed with and to be able to speak common

Wizard tells her to pick one.

"Necklace" she replies and is mumbo-jumbo'd at… necklace starts tightening cutting off her ability to breath!

Wizard calls up Murdut and asks what he wants.

Murdut asks for his manhood back…

To similar effect to Kol

Wizard looks to the final party member, the only one not to solve a riddle, Yeet the Gnoll.

Wizard says as much and denies offering her a reward.

Yeet's okay with that, just being along for the ride and making sure their friends are okay.

After a few minutes of pain and suffering our wishes are granted!

Kol gets up, "Thank you, now may I ask where the exit is?"

With a wave of the wizards hand everything vanishes… as vision returns to us we're in a camp.

A burnt out fire…

This is the camp we were at when we were attacked by the blood hawks.

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Though… Silit is no longer with us. She's back where she was at that time, on the road away from her enslavement.

"Well… while we were in the kingdom did anybody ask where anything was other than the tower?" Kol asks.

Kol shrugs and we head toward the tower, intending to go around it.

Me, as a player, "So was the wizard's tower worth any xp?"

DM awards 100xp to each party member for each puzzle, 600xp each total.

We travel about a day and find no camp where we had camped previously… no camp.

No tower in the distance… the tower isn't there anymore. Was it ever actually there?

We make camp in the absence of any evidence any happened since we departed the camp where we defeated the blood hawks actually happened.

A few remarks on the strangeness of the situation but little chatter as a whole.

Plan to get food in the morning and celebrate.

Silit wonders up to the camp in the middle of the second watch.

She's asleep by Kol-Jha's watch… had nobody to talk to the whole time she was back with us.

Something watches from the tall grass but never comes close enough to give a good look.

Kol-Jha introduces Silit to Kol-Vii… they're fast friends!

We continue traveling along.

Session ends to let the DM plan out what to do since we defeated the puzzles way faster than expected.

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