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examining the grappling strike maneuver for a grappler build

Content of the article: "examining the grappling strike maneuver for a grappler build"

Grappling Strike.

Immediately after you hit a creature with a melee attack on your turn, you can expend one superiority die and then try to grapple the target as a bonus action (see the Player's Handbook for rules on grappling). Add the superiority die to your Strength (Athletics) check.

Technically has a higher chance of succeeding than a regular grapple, but requires more setup that might make it worse than a regular grapple.

It requires you to make a melee attack, and hit with that melee attack to initiate the grapple, it also requires your bonus action to be open (which isn't too bad since grappler builds rarely have bonus actions unless they have some monk or berserker in them), a regular grapple just replaces one of your attacks if you have Extra Attack with no other set up required, so a regular grapple has one chance of success or failure, but Grappling Strike requires you to both hit with your attack and successfully grapple with your bonus action, though superiority helps with the grapple attempt

the maneuver is also only once per your turn since you always only have 1 bonus action

I got to thinking that Grappling Strike might allow you to shove with your extra attacks and grapple as a bonus action since shove is a special melee attack

Using the Attack action, you can make a special melee attack to shove a creature, either to knock it prone or push it away from you. If you're able to make multiple attacks with the Attack action, this attack replaces one of them.

It's what makes shield master so good for a grappler, but also limiting you to single-target grappling, if we had something that allowed us to shove as a bonus action after grappling the opponent, that would free up our second attack

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but, grappling strike specifically requires you to 'hit' with your melee attack, and neither shove nor grapple can 'hit,' just succeed or fail, so you need to actually attack them, either with a weapon, unarmed, or even with a melee spell attack like shocking grasp.

Thinking about this again, maybe you could combo Tripping Attack with Grappling Strike, but for that you'd still need to use two attack roll attacks, one to proc the trip maneuver, and the other for the grappling maneuver since you can't use both on one attack due to the "you can only use one maneuver per attack clause" (in this case Tavern Brawler is actually better since you could trip attack, with an improvised weapon/unarmed and then grapple with Tavern Brawler)

So I think grappling strike is specifically for none-dedicated grapple builds that use weapons, helping two-handed weapon fighters either ones that use greatweapons or reach weapons, prevent enemies from moving since sword/board and twf fighters wouldn't have the free-hand necessary to initiate the grapple (unless you dropped the weapon after hitting with it, which gets iffy DM to DM), but this means they wouldn't get to attack continually with the two-hander, so this might be the best for characters that use Dueling and no shield

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