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Experienced PC ruins campaign for everyone else involved

So fairly recently my group lost a member and so we added 2 more to bump it up to 6. These 2 have never played D&D before, and therefore we decided to let me run a campaign from 1 to 5 to introduce them to the mechanics of D&D and also allow me to DM. Then let our previous DM

Everyone created new characters, and in my limited time as a DM before in 1 shot I was very generous and so I tried to limit people to WOC stuff and told people to avoid evil or chaotic evil alignment because most people including myself cant pull it off. Our former DM said he wanted to play a chaotic evil hunter (fighter) who killed for sport and didn't really care too much for others, and as he was the most experienced I thought that he wouldn't purposefully railroad a campaign, so I let it slide.

First session went well, I thought of a fun way to unite the group, the new players got to do some combat and RP. The prior DM's character was what I expected him to play; a slightly morally skewed character who threatened the Inn keep when he raised the prices after another party member insulted him. He also acted as an initiator, which I appreciated, trying to always start RP and play his character to the fullest – making the new players comfortable.

So the second session was today, I hadn't planned this session as much as the last because it was a small town between the main quest hub of the campaign and I just wanted some more easy RP and a typical RPG quest of track wolves – kill wolves. I put some NPC's here that I thought would be used to show how your characters interacted with the world around you, especially the poor and the innocent, with them being 2 poor siblings living with their blind grandad as their father went to the main city ask for help.

I wanted the younger sibling (boy) to be a bit protective and violent as if he were compensating for the lack of the father at this point. Previous DM's character had been acting a bit weird at this point, constantly giving death stares at people, and then when he toyed with the blind grandad, the younger sibling kicked him. That's when the DM decided to DECAPITATE HIM! like WTF its a kid. Everyone else was good or neutral, so this wasn't going to be a villain or antihero campaign.

I was stunned he constantly complained about murderhobos on his online server campaigns and so I expected better from him. It completely railroaded the story and experience for the new players as they were forced to experience a game in a certain way from here on out.

What happened then is that I shut my laptop and asked them "now what?", they ended up going to the main quest hub, completely making the last week of planning pointless. They ended up trying to fight some guards after one of the new players tried to sell some memorabilia from the first session, which was seen as stolen (made sense in combat) and was going to be non-lethal and story enhancing, they lost and 3 of the 5 got captured and executed,

I know that that was probably the wrong response as a DM, giving an encounter strongly in the NPC's favor but I just didn't want to DM for a group of players where one dictated the fate for everyone else in the group by saying "that's what he would have done".

And I must have looked defeated because he said should we start his campaign now, and then started explaining it to the new players in our group. The setting and rules.

It really pissed me off because I had been working on this, and he kept saying " know you know how it feels to DM and have stuff not go to plan." like of course the PCs won't do your bidding and I was fully expecting my players trying to talk to an owlbear or something stupid, but there is a difference!

sorry for the rant, I needed to vent a bit.

Tl;dr Previous DM decides to kill a child in the second session (campaign 1-5) because "that's what his character would do" and railroads the entire plan for the story even though he knows I'm a new DM and we have new players.

We have our first session in his campaign next week and I am trying my hardest not to kill the first child I see.

What should I have done to change this outcome?


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