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Fantasy Calendar 2.0 has just been released!

Content of the article: "Fantasy Calendar 2.0 has just been released!"

Hello everyone!

About three and a half years ago, I started working on the first version of Fantasy Calendar, which went live sometime in April 2018 and has since grown to have over 17,000 users and over 18,000 calendars! Now, we’re releasing the largest update yet, making Fantasy Calendar the best calendar and time tracking tool there is!

What is Fantasy Calendar?

For you who don’t know about the app, Fantasy-Calendar is a web application that allows you to create your own custom calendars and track time along with events that transpire in your worlds. The calendar doesn't have to be the same as the calendar in our world, it could be from any established fantastic world, or one of your own making.

So, whether you're a GM looking to track the events of a long-running Forgotten Realms campaign, an author, or simply a world-builder who likes to have wacky celestial configurations (such as Eberron's twelve moons) with zany timekeeping systems to match, you probably need a calendar of some kind. Fantasy Calendar aims to make that easy.

The 2.0 Update

So in this huge update, all of your calendars have been converted to the new system, and we have taken great care make sure they are all as close as possible to your original creation!

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The major features that this update touts are:

  • Vastly improved interface
  • Mobile device support
  • Dark theme
  • Multiple calendar layouts
  • Event conditions
  • Event categories
  • Multiple era support
  • Completely overhauled seasons
  • Multiple leap days
  • Complex cycles
  • Leap months
  • Intercalary months
  • and much, much more!

Check out the what's new page for a high level overview of the changes, or the changelog for more in-depth information. Be sure to check out the help docs if you're ever confused about anything!


Of course, as all websites grow, they require more space and bandwidth and begin to require more from the host's wallet. As a preface, the core features will remain free and available, albeit limited, and any features locked behind a subscription are only going to be ones that either drain money, bandwidth, or server space – our time is what we give freely (with both of us having worked on the 2.0 update for over a total of 2000 hours over the course of 2019 and 2020).

As a gesture of goodwill to all of the wonderful people who have supported Fantasy Calendar so far, we will consider all current users and anyone who signs up within the next 24 hours as early supporters. Early supporters get the benefits of an increased limit to a total of 15 calendars, as well as a lifetime 20% discount if you choose to subscribe.

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The one and only tier that Fantasy Calendar has is Timekeeper, and this is what it gives access to:

  • Full calendar functionality
  • Unlimited amount of calendars on the site
  • Calendar Linking
    • This allows you to connect many calendars to one parent calendar, making sure that they are in lock step with each other.
    • Advancing the date on the parent calendar will update all of its children, which allows for scaling the date between them.
  • User Management tools:
    • Add other users to your calendars – which also adds your calendar to their home page for easy access
    • Assign users to roles with specific permissions:
    • Observer
      • Your calendar is displayed on the home page, separate from their own calendars
      • Able to view your calendar even if it is set to private
    • Player in addition to the observer permissions
      • Able to add simple one-time events (like notes on days)
      • Able to comment on events, should you enable it
    • Co-Owner in addition to the player permissions
      • Able to add complex events, with full access to the conditional system
      • Co-owners can advance the current date, time, and location

We hope you enjoy this update, and if you have any questions regarding the site, you’re welcome to join us in the Discord server! Alternatively, you can now consult the Fantasy Calendar help docs for all the information you need to create the perfect calendar for your fantasy worlds!

Check out fantasy calendar here:

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