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Concussion is a potent drug destiled from poisonous plants.

Concussion has little ill effect, but it can temporarely erase memories, bloking the toughts someone have at the moment of ingestion. The creature will not remember those toughts/memories for the next 2d6 hours.

Overdosing- If the creature take multiple doses of concussion while the effect is still active, the creature has to make an inteligence save or permanently lose the memories and toughts the drug erased.

If a caster that take this drug, he loses one of his prepared or known spells for the duration of the effect. If he loses the spell "permanently" he can still re prepare it or re learn it.

Spies and criminals sometimes use this drug before capture, to forget secret information or the crimes commited. This alow them to deny these things even under a zone of truth spell.

Guarana dust

This dust is made from a rare jungle fruit seed.

Guarana dust if ingested will give the creature a immediate energy boost, focus and alertness. The creature make perception and investigation rolls at advantage. The creature can also ignore exaustion effects while under the drug effects. As soon as the effect of the drug ends all the exaustion levels stack up. This can be fatal if the effect of the drug ends before the creature takes a long rest after acumulating 6 levels of exaustion.

Mamona oil

This oil is made from a small rare bean.

The ingestion of the oil alow a creature to refuel one of its habilities by one use, or 1d4 charges as apropriate. A fighter would regain his action surge, a sorcerer or monk would regain 1d4 sorcery points or 1d4 ki points. The oild can also affect racial features, alowing a dragonborn or dragon to regain its breath attack fir example. The creature is poisoned (condition) for the next one hour after taking the oil.

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More to be added in the comments later.

If you have ideas of fantasy drugs, please share them.

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