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Favorite and Least Favorite Paladin Subclasses?

Content of the article: "Favorite and Least Favorite Paladin Subclasses?"

As the title says. What is your favorite Paladin subclass and why? What is your least favorite and why?

Personally, I'm a fan of the Oath of the Ancients. The idea of a Green Knight is just so evocative for me, and its aura is just incredible. I'm also a big fan of the Oath of Devotion because I prefer support and buffing with this class than doing straight up damage. Finally, rounding out my top 3 is the Oath of the Open Seas* because I'm obsessed with waterbending and have been since I was a little kid.

For my least favorite, I'm probably gonna have to go with the Oath of Glory because that aura of theirs is just disappointing (really, it's only its small size that disappoints.) The Greek Gladiator or Greek Hero flavor is great though, but I also feel like it maybe fits a Fighter just as well? I'm also not a huge fan of the Oath of the Watchers because I feel it steps on the toes of the Horizon Walker (flavor) and Monster Slayer (mechanics) Rangers a little too much. What I mean is that they're planar-generalists like the Horizon Walker (admittedly Watchers is a protector against extra-planar threats while HW is a planar-traveler, so they can coexist, but hey, I needed to have a least favorite,) while also playing a bit too much like an anti-caster, which is a lot of the Monster Slayer's mechanics. I don't hate either of these Oaths, mind you. They're…fine. They're just my least favorites.

The Paladin subclasses are as follow:

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-Oath of Devotion
-Oath of Vengeance
-Oath of the Ancients
-Oath of the Crown
-Oath of Conquest
-Oath of Redemption
-Oath of Glory
-Oath of the Watchers
-Oath of the Open Seas*

*Oath of the Open Seas is not an officially official Paladin subclass. It was designed and developed by Matt Mercer. It is about as official as the Blood Hunter class, the Way of the Cobalt Soul Monk, and the Gunslinger Fighter. YMMV on whether or not you want to include it.

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