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“Feckin’ nobles”

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Back yet again because people were asking for for another one (seriously why are so many people asking for sequels, I could understand a few because of the open-endedness of the stories but why so many?) link to the previous post

be me, likely the same person as last time

be not me, same party as last time

after the events of the previous post we leave the town and head to a local city-state

dm says that he spent all night reading action romance web novels and because of his lack of sleep his improv might not be in tip-top shape

understand and tell him its fine

get to a tavern after looking to see if we can find any good shops and ask if there are any jobs that need doing

take a job to go help a knight’s son take out a wyvern without harming it too much so he can prove his skill

probably going to take all the credit but it pays well

knight’s son meets us at gate with an attendant escorting him

begin a two day trip to the wyverns den

the kid is an ok person but has some elitist tendencies and is kind of arrogant so the warlock sasses him all along the way(he really hates nobles)

spend the night camping

kid and attendant talk whisper while looking at Sera


think they might know her origin

he begins to drop elitism while she’s around

ok he definitely knows something

reach the cave and wait until we see the wyvern sleep

Kid: hey Sera before we begin I want to ask you somethi-

Artificer:I cockblock with a pop rock


Dm:the wyvern charges out dazed, confused and hangry, it begins the battle with a roar

the kid pisses his pants out of fear so we leave the warlock, Sera and his attendant with him because they have decent range capability

begin fighting the wyvern

druid goes down with poison so warlock goes goes to help

kid regains part of his composure and decides to take out a crossbow

the wyvern eventually goes down with the druid in stable condition

Me:btw what did you mean by cockblock?

Warlock:wasnt he asking her out or something?

Me:I thought he found out about her identity

Artificer:Y’know that actually makes a tad bit more sense

make sure they dont get that much time together on the way back

return to the city and escort them to their estate

see kid whispering something to his father while we check the reward

Knight:by the way would you mind staying here for the night, we can provide you with food, room and access to our indoor artificial hot spring.

screw the tavern, stay in the mansion

eat dinner with knight with barely any conversation beyond our names and small-talk

says the hot spring shifts should be done by gender so it isnt promiscuous

the five of us leave but discover the hot spring is undergoing repairs and the servants recommend we return to our room and use the actual smaller bath

go back to the dining hall to ask the knight about it

hear conversation

Knight:so apart from your complaints about travelling with adventurers what good came from your quest and how did you slay the wyvern?

Kid:ah yes the wyvern, I was in the middle of introducing my plan when the battle hungry buffoons when one of them through a device that alerted it to our presence. Following that we had begun to do battle with it, they were suppressing it whilst me, Sera and Jordan actually damaged the beast.

Knight: oh my and did you get hurt anywhere?

Kid:I was knocked prone by one of the beasts attacks but Sera’s gallant figure was there to drive it back and prevent me from being harmed,in addition to that she made the travelling with those dirty brutes bearable…

stops listening and discuss with party

Me:so… how do you want to do this?

Warlock:im glad that im a lizard-man

Artificer:im gonna go back to our room to get our stuff because im assuming we’re gonna be chased out

artificer and druid leave to get our stuff

Kid:…and that is why I would like you to join our house, please marry me Sera!

Sera:I’d rather not and I dont appreciate you bad-mouthing my friends.

The rogue, the warlock and me:OOOOOOOO

Kid:how dare you decline my proposal I-

Rogue:I kick the bloody door down

Rogue:so the other two went to get our things do you want to leave?


Kid:GUARDS, these ruffians are kidnapping this poor damsel!

the warlock and the artificer return

the warlock sees a good excuse to cast eldritch blast

critical success, the kid dies in one hit and his blood splatters on the ground

get the heck out of dodge by using the artificer to blow us a hole in the wall of a store room

go to the tavern with hoods in the morning after we evade search teams

leave town, never going back.

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