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Feedback on Travel Framework

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My players will be trying to find an unmarked location – it's not on a map or on a road. It will take multiple days to get there and I don't want to handwave trying to find a secret location.

For a single day, I would maybe make travel a 5 room dungeon to navigate, but that doesn't feel right for a longer journey.

This is what I've come up with for a journey counted in days:

Each PC gets 2 travel actions per day. They can use these for a skill check or to give another PC advantage. (I have 4 players, so max 8 checks per day). If the party has any sidekicks, those only get 1 action per day, but I think I only want 6-8 actions per day anyway.

At least 1 success is needed to Navigate or Track a trail. Tracking will be a Survival check, but navigation might include other checks like dexterity to pick a path across a stream. If there are no successes, they don't make any progress toward the destination (they get lost for a while).

PCs can also forage to feed the party for a day.

And then there are Perception checks to watch for danger. Success reduces the number of random encounter checks the DM makes each day. Failures increase the number of random encounter checks. Either way, rolling prevents the party from being surprised. Choosing not to roll Perception, means any encounters will be surprise encounters. And there will be no more than 2 random encounters.

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I might also say someone has to prepare the camp each night for the party to be able to get a long rest. Otherwise they only get short rest benefits and they can't short rest during the day.

And then, each day, will have a prepared encounter. So as a minimum they'll do some checks, negotiate who should do what, and have one special encounter. At worst, they get nowhere, and have 2 random encounters and a special one.

And, of course, if it all takes too long, I'll make an encounter that pushes the party forward toward their goal.

Is this too safe? Does it give enough things to do? Is there anything you would add or suggest?

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