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Feedback requested for new mechanic

I am working on some stuff for a new campaign. One of the characters is going to be a fey warlock/glamour bard whose patron is an Archfey known as the Maestro. I decided that the Maestro would want the character to travel the realms in search of the primal music of eternity known colloquially as the "Canon of Creation" the Canon is made up of numerous Choruses based on the different aspects of reality. Here is what I have so far:

Canon of Creation

Allegedly, fragments of the music that formed the roiling chaos of eternity into the multiverse. Legends say that these fragments are scattered across the multiverse and still possess some of the primal power of creation.

You may start performing the first movement of a chorus on your turn as an action by making a (CHA) performance check. On a success, you begin the first movement of the chorus and its abilities are active until the end of your next turn. On subsequent turns, you may use your action to continue the current movement (no check required) or advance to the next movement by attempting another (CHA) performance check. On a success, you advance the chorus to that movement and its powers replace the previous movements unless stated otherwise. On a failure, the performance ends.

When you finish a performance or a performance ends early, you must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC equal to the highest DC performance check you attempted during the performance. On a failure, you gain a level of exhaustion. You may play a single chorus for up to 1 minute or until you lose concentration (as if concentrating on a spell) and you may perform a number of choruses each day equal to your proficiency bonus.

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Chorus of Chaos

first movement DC 14: Whenever another creature within 30 feet of you takes damage, double the damage it takes if it was an odd number or halve the damage it takes if it was an even number.

second movement DC 18: As above but the effect also applies to magical healing that a creature receives.

Chorus of Flames

first movement DC 11: You can simultaneously affect all spaces within 60 feet of you with an effect from the control flames spell.

second movement DC 18: As above and each fire elemental creature within 60 feet of you have their movement speeds reduced to 0.

Chorus of Time

first movement DC 15: If you perform these chords uninterrupted for 1 minute each other creature within 30 feet of you gains the benefits of a short rest.

second movement DC 21: Each other creature that stars its turn within 60 feet of you may take an additional action that turn. If it does, it is incapacitated on its next turn.

Chorus of Space

first movement DC 15: Each other creature that starts its turn within 60 feet of you is immediately teleported 30 feet in a random direction to the closest unoccupied space.

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second movement DC19: As above, except the creature is also teleported at the end of its turn.

Chorus of Life

first movement DC 13: Each living creature within 60 feet of you gain 1d4 temporary hit points.

second movement DC 22: As above and any other living creature within 60 feet of you is not knocked unconscious if they drop to 0 hit points. They still make death saves as normal and still suffer the normal effects of taking damage while at 0 hit points. If this performance is interrupted, or if a living creature moves further than 60 feet from you, they are immediately knocked unconscious if they had 0 hit points or die if they had 3 failed death saves.

Chorus of Entropy

First movement DC 14: Each creature that casts a spell within 60 feet of you must roll a D20. on a 6 or higher, the spell is cast normally, otherwise the spell is lost and spell slot or spell points used are expended.

Second Movement DC 20: As above, except the number needed to succeed is 11.


here is a list of other choruses I do not yet have effects for:

Chorus of madness

Chorus of fear

Chorus of death

Chorus of stone

Chorus of light

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Chorus of darkness

Chorus of blood

Chorus of ice

Chorus of winds

Chorus of consciousness

Chorus of order

Chorus of gravity


I would like feedback on the mechanic in general, and perhaps suggestions for more choruses and possible effects. The only stipulations I have been imposing on myself is that they do not affect the performer and they affect all other creatures in the area friend and foe alike. While they were designed for the warlock/bard to find i suppose any character with a musical instrument/performance proficiency could learn one. Thank you for reading and any feedback is appreciated!

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