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Feeling bad about a mistake

So, here’s the thing. It was our 16th session and my level 4 group were investigating some ruins of a very old town. They make contact with the restless souls of some children who couldn’t escape the town’s destruction and their caretakers, a couple of religious men now undead consumed by their guilt. A battle starts, ghosts (most just watching), 2 poltergeists and 2 undead. The only ghost who is actually hostile (the caretaker’s son) possesses one of the characters, a Fighter, and as one of the undead attacks twice (multiattack) and hits the Light domain cleric with 2 crits (1d8+2, I rolled 8 and 7, then 8 and 6…), she falls.

The encounter finished with 2 dead characters, the possessed fighter crying with guilt and the barbarian alive with 2 or 3 HP.

Everybody seemed to be sad, but pleased with the session itself and making plans about the interesting role play moments it can lead to as next session, the bard, who couldn’t join last time, will be back and she doesn’t know anything yet.

However, two nights after our session was done, I started to think that maybe the cleric used Warding Flare and I might have forgot about it due to the table reaction when they saw 2 crits happening one after another as I rolled both attacks at the same time.

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The cleric player also didn’t warn me and she seemed pretty okay with her character death, even sending me the rolls for a new character.

I asked her via Discord about the Warding Flare thing. Obviously, if she tells me she did use it, I’ll retcon every character death, but still it bugs me that now I’m feeling I’m just a bad DM. Also, if she tells me “she didn’t use”, I fear she would do so to not make me feel bad or whatever. I asked the barbarian player and he told me he is sure she did use Warding Flare, while the Fighter told me he doesn’t remember, but “now that you mention it…”

Anyway, yeah. Feeling like I f… up hard my campaign. 🙁


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