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Feeling forced into being the Leader of the group (Rant)

Content of the article: "Feeling forced into being the Leader of the group (Rant)"

Hey, I'm playing in a campaign where I'm the only super experienced player. I started playing DnD when I was 8 in 2008 starting with 3.5 edition (or basic, not sure). Everyone else has only just started with this campaign serving as their introduction, which has been running for about 2 years now. The DM only has a year or two on the other players (and not as DM).

As it stands, the other PCs often look to me and my character to lead the sessions to where they need go. While that was really cool at first to feel like the center of attention and the "hero", it's slowly grown stale. I feel like I always have to make really tough decisions that have far reaching consequences, and if I slip up even a little (because our DM always iterates their desire for "real consequences" and "challenge"), I feel responsible for the fate of the other players. I've spent hours upon hours min-maxing my character to make sure I can pick up after the others' slack, playing party face out of sheer necessity, making myself the party tank and primary damage dealer and off-healer just in case things get nasty.

And I'm sick of it! Last session I let myself off the hook for just a bit and told the party to face a moderately difficult battle with minimal planning, and it resulted in a session-long grueling battle that brought about our first player-character death. Luckily our Bard just got Raise Dead, so it wasn't permanent. But the whole battle I was forced to kill a majority of the Cloakers whilst prying them off my teammates' faces and healing them just enough to go on. And to top it off there was no thank you. No one expressed gratitude for the amount of work I did to stop a very easy TPK. In fact some of them gave my character lip.

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What should I tell the DM and the group to help them understand how hard it is for me to play like this? I could just show them this rant, but I feel like they would just feel guilt-tripped and feel hurt.

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