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Fellow DMs who only have a session once every several weeks/once a month, how do you keep yourself motivated?

Content of the article: "Fellow DMs who only have a session once every several weeks/once a month, how do you keep yourself motivated?"

Question for DMs who are in the same boat as me and have a home game that only has a session once every 4-6 weeks, how do you guys stay motivated?

Because of how infrequently my players and I get together, the long lulls in between sessions messes with my dedication and motivation a bit, and I find that I really only do any prep work at all for a few days after a session ends, and then some more for a day or two before the next session. I just can't muster up the will to work on the campaign during the numerous weeks in between sessions. I feel that I almost have a "well I don't even know for sure when the next session will be, so what's the rush?" mindset these days. Because of this, I usually have to rush to cobble things together for the next session mere days in advance, and I'm always feeling that it might be half-assed. Since our sessions tend to be 10+ hours long (we meet early Saturday afternoons and play into the night), I feel like I have to make sure I plan enough material for these mega sessions that would normally span 2-3 sessions of a normal campaign where the sessions only last 3-4 hours. It feels like knowing that I have to prepare a little extra for my players so that I'm not pulling nonsensical things out of my ass by the end of the night results in my will to do campaign work nosediving between sessions.

I used to do lots of prep work during the weeks in between sessions, but over the last several months it feels like doing that for a campaign with such infrequently occurring sessions is really draining and tedious, and I somewhat dislike working on campaign plot hooks and such too early before the next session because I'm paranoid that, by the time another 4-5 weeks pass, I may forget a bunch of details in my planning.

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It just seems like getting together so infrequently for D&D has really damaged my will to work on my campaign more regularly due to scheduling sessions being difficult. What do you guys who have been (or are) in a similar situation do to get rid of this funk and get your motivation back despite not having sessions for several weeks at a time?

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