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Hello everyone!

As 2020 is a very weird year and no parties, concerts, or even festivals like tomorrow's land are held, I had the idea to make an adventure, lasting 1 or 2 sessions, built around just that. and I'd like to have some help from you all to finalize this and have some different inputs on the idea. I'm going to mention a couple of songs in the idea showcase, but no fear, I'll link everything at the bottom

So the main idea is that the party gets invited to be part of the security team of a major music event as a couple of the event managers fear an evil ritual is gonna be performed during the 5-day event. the party would be present at the most important and by the fans the most anticipated, concerts. and some very specific songs could be played during these times on the play table. The Idea is that the festivities are neutral ground and we find all sorts of creatures here having fun! the good and evil partying together! The party can even encounter a nemesis that is here, just to get drunk and have a good time!!

The event reoccurs every 4 years so as DM you can hype up some party members on certain "groups" on the fact that it has been a while they've seen then perform live or something.

To give it that Tomorrowland vibe, I had the idea the area is divided into 3 or 4 different themes. There is the main area where everyone can just chill out in between events, buy some food and drinks, etc. from the main area you have access to all the different themed areas and the camping site. Of course, there's got to be a camping site where the attendants, go to sleep and shrug off their drunkness!
For the druids and elves, I planned that they would use a deceptive shroud so their theme would appear very boring and typical "evlish". whilst it would be completely the opposite when you would enter the area: fat beats & endorphin chanting and a mega rave party all the way. a very good song that really resembles that druid party feeling would be "Great spirits" from Armin van Buuren where we have druids channeling beautiful colors, trees resonating, and vibrating with each other creating deep beats, etc.

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Another corner would be the typical rock and classic metal festival where almost everyone can find a place. I would place groups like sabaton, Alestorm or Nightwish also cover groups like wind rose, feuerschwanz, and nestalgica can be placed here.

Next up we have the more brutal corner where we can find the more evil and hardened races that are found across the D&D universe: minators, orcs, goblins, etc. we are of course talking about a heavy metal/ death metal corner!! I thought it would be a nice idea to have groups like Trollfest to give it a bit of that folk-metal and maybe some videogame music from doom in this area!

The last area is still undecided and I'd like your input for this!
what are the things that we still need?
– some names for the groups and their race
– adventuring hooks to get everyone in the party hyped up for the adventure
– a plot hole on the ritual: are we summoning someone/something? are we enslaving everyone in the party area? where is the ritual taking place?…
– who is in charge of the summoning ritual? one of the managers? an evil nemesis discussed as a performer?…
– what is our role in the story? are we just preventing the ritual? are we a tool in all this?…
– who is part of the plot? just a villain and his main henchmen? is the rest of the security involved?…

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As you can see there are a lot of ideas floating in my head around this, and I basically can't decide what to do.
This is why I turn to the D&D community for help, and I'd love to read up on some feedback and extra ideas!


As promised, a list of links of a couple of songs I've gathered that give a vibe to each area:

– Armin van Buuren: Great spirits – for the elven/druid rave party (inside the shroud):

– LOTR OST: council of Elrond – What people hear outside the shroud of silence LOL:

– Wind Rose: Diggy Diggy hole:

– feuerschwanz: I see fire:

– sabaton: to hell and back:

– Trollfest: Espen bin askeladden:

– Trollfest: Kjetteren afterski:

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