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Feywild world building

So mine and my players last campaign finished with a heavy teaser for the Feywild, and I plan on having the PCs spend a large portion of the next campaign in the Feywild. I’m relatively new to DMing and although I’ve been doing a lot of research on all things Fey I have a lot of questions I just can’t seem to find the answers to, so I’m hoping you all can help!

Question Number 1 How do the Fey Courts work?

I have been reading a lot into the courts, and understand that the are a political system of sorts, that involve Archfey, Fey nobles etc. I have also looked into the classics like the summer and winter court (aka seelie and underlie) and understand that these aren’t necessarily the partisan of good and bad- BUT I don’t actually understand what a court actually is/does. What is it’s purpose? How did this system come to be? How does it manifest itself physically in the Fey? I sort of imagine it as a large palace where Titania just sits on a thrown and her servants feed her grapes. I really want my PCs to get the full Fey experience and I feel like the whole politics is a my part

Also- on topic of the courts, do the Summer and Winter courts rule over the same place at different times/seasons? Or do they more closely resemble rival kingdoms?

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Question Number 2 How do Fey contracts work?

I really love the idea of tricky Fey creatures luring in the party with contracts and deals, and I love the idea of the party having to find out the hard way that this beautiful land isn’t as trustworthy as it seems, but I’m finding it difficult understanding what a Fey creature could want from my party! Are they intentionally trying to trick mortals, or is it a more honest deal? I’m also struggling with the stakes of this potential contract- let’s say that the party do end up getting into a contract, and they then do not see it through, what would physically happen? I want to make it clear that it is high stakes but I’m at a loss as to how. I’ve looked into the exchange of things like memories and emotions, so I guess another question would be, what do the Fey want/use these things for?

Third and final Question How do you successfully world build?

I really want to PCs to always feel like they are in the Feywild, and a major concern i have is that I will just run it as a normal campaign but with the odd fairy thrown in. How do you make it so the Feywild actually feels like a new plane of existence with different laws and rules? I like the idea of playing with the passing of time and making it clear that they are mortal creatures vs the normal inhabitants, faeries and Fey, and I think implementing Faerie Gold so that their currency becomes useless is a good start, but if you have any easy tips to use to help make the Fey feel alive and dangerous and different that would be really useful to me!

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Thanks everyone

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