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Fighter Subclasses Revamped; Purple Dragon Knight and Eldritch Knight

Content of the article: "Fighter Subclasses Revamped; Purple Dragon Knight and Eldritch Knight"

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At the request of a good friend of mine, here are the revamped versions of the Purple Dragon Knight and the Eldritch Knight! Both of these classes suffered from being a bit underpowered and dull, but the ideas behind them were great! They just needed a bit of work.

Purple Dragon Knight: The abilities were too weak, some of them came too late, and for some reason the class just didn't have a level 18 ability. So, I moved the persuasion expertise down to 3rd level, as I don't feel it was enough to take up the level 7 slot alone, buffed up the abilities that the class already had, and added two new abilities at 15th and 18th level, both of which revolve around leading and inspiring your party.

Eldritch Knight: Ask anyone who actually enjoys Eldritch Knight, and they will tell you that to have fun with it, you need to stop trying to cast fireball and focus more on buffing yourself. So, changes were made with that in mind. The evocation spells you could take were replaced with transmutation, so now you can actually focus on buffing yourself. Your bonded weapon now acts as an arcane focus, so you aren't limited by weapon type or forced to take War Caster. The 7th level ability has been changed so that it doesn't become useless after you get your third attack, Arcane charge was removed, Improved war magic (Now just called war magic) was moved down to 15th level, and the new 18th level ability focuses on making sure you have the resources to keep yourself alive in high level fights.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think! Your feedback means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy these revamped subclasses as much as my friend does! If you want to find more of my stuff, head on over to my Tumblr, Elizabeth's Homebrew Emporium! I can post a lot more often there, and I've already got quite a few brews on there, so check it out.

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