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Finally got my harbor freight pressure pot up and running for dice making, would like to summarize my experience setting it up because information is scattered about them. Avoid my noob mistakes!

You need loctite 545. YOU NEED LOCTITE 545 (or possibly an equivelent). PTFE plumbers tape would leak no matter how much or little you use. I let 545 sit for a day and a half. The excess sticking out was not completely dry, but the less exposed to air = the faster it'll dry. So inside where the threads are at it is fine, you can wipe off anything else outside of that. I'm actually not even sure if the exposed excess will ever dry completely, but it doesn't matter anyways. I can get 40psi fine now, no leaks and i let it sit for 3 hours and sprayed the joints with windex to make sure. I had to order loctite 545 because i couldn't find it locally. There is a smaller cheaper bottle for about $20 i found on amazon. Yea i know it's still expensive but what can we do lol.

Fittings are weird with pipes. I had no idea the kind of trouble I'd run into trying to source a cap for the paint outlet on the lid. American standard measurements using inches is garbage and confusing and I'll explain why. The information i found online, people were like 'i think i used like a 1/2" cap or something for this pressure pot'. Go to Home Depot or Lowes, look at their cap selections for 1/2". You will see 3 different baggies for them and they all have deep breath of frustration 3 fucking different inner diameters! I'm sure plumbers and the like are laughing at me, but i couldn't even find additional info as to what exactly the 1/2" was referencing. How does this make any sense at all? Anyways, the 1/2" cap that worked for me i got from Lowes is…

Brand: ProLine 1/2" Comp

Bag it comes in has dark brown edges

Do not get the Proline 1/2" FIP cap. Do not get the 1/2" FLR cap. They are both slightly too big.

I did not bring this piece into stores to test fit it because i would have had to remove it from the lid and the fitting already has a nice seal from the 'pipe dope' (as i was told). I commute by bicycle and did not want to haul around a big heavy lid with me 🙂

Ok! So tightening down this lid is a real PITA!! It's true that the lid to this pressure pot seats a little better in one spot than others. I suggest rotating the lid and testing different sides. If it still leaks that's ok, find the position that's easiest to work with. I imagine it varies each one, but to fully seal the lid to the pot i had to increase my leverage. Couldn't rely on finger strength alone, so i used the hole on the end of my adjustable wrench to hook around the wing nut to twist it tighter. Hard to explain how this works visually but it'll be easy to figure out. I am hoping that with time the seal will form some kind of 'memory' to where i only need to use my hands.

Another quick tip, the Merlin full port ball valves work fine. Someone suggested to maybe get a nicer one but I'm not having any issues with mine. No leaks, and you can bend the handle a little if it comes into contact with things. It's rated for 250psi and I'm nowhere close to that.


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