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FINISH HIM 2! – Violent descriptions for when your players want to kill their enemies in brutal fashion!

Hello r/DnDBehindTheScreen!

Almost a year ago I posted for the first time on this sub. The post was about violent and brutal descriptions for when one of your players kill finish off an NPC: https://www.reddit.com/r/DnDBehindTheScreen/comments/d96bh9/finish_him_brutal_and_violent_finishers_for_when/.

The main reason is that I know people that just don't like describing themselves too much, but do love listening to descriptions and feel cool when their character does something. Most of my players prefer me being the one that describes their kills. Not every player feels like describing themselves, so you can use some of these to loosen them up.

Note that the following descriptions include gore and violent elements. I find them to be fine, but comments last time said some of them were a bit much! So without further ado:


  1. You cleave their stomach and slowly rend it open with your bladed weapon, as it forcefully moves to the side, letting their intestines loose on it's path alongside a burst of blood.
  2. With your sword (long or great!) you stab them on a kidney, then as they bend forward in pain, you quickly twist the weapon, stabbing their eye socket with the guard while cutting open their lower belly.
  3. With a blunt weapon you shatter the side of their knee, letting them fall down, then you strike them straight in the chest, cracking their ribcage open and letting their organs pour out the sides like paste.
  4. You deflect their strike to the side, then grab their wrist and pull them towards your weapon, landing a hit straight in the lungs. As they choke on their blood you behead them.
  5. You pierce their throat with your weapon. As the smell created by bursts of blood while they try to breathe fills the air, you grab the weapon and spin it around their neck, tearing it open until the head comes uncleanly off, still hanging by a small thread of flesh.
  6. Bash their jaw with a heavy blow, destroying it and letting it barely hanging on just one side. As they are unable to scream you strike them in one of their legs, crushing the bone and dropping them to the ground and finishing them of with another strike to their now open throat.
  7. After a quick slice to the chest you position your greataxe/halbred's hook (or greatsword guard) behind their heel and pull. When they fall on their back you strike them in the chest and pull them near, slightly cracking open their body, then you remove your weapon and shove it under their chin all the way up to the skull.
  8. You jam your weapon on their lower back, cracking open the spine, then using your weapon as a support and your feet on their side as a counterweight you pull their spine, cracking every connection to the ribs until you tear it out alongside their head. Or, as I like to call it, a Sub-Zero.
  9. You strike them so that they're barely standing and then insert your weapon into the ground, letting it still up, after which you shove their face towards it and kick it into your weapon, making their heads explode if it's a blunt weapon, or slice it in half if it's bladed.
  10. After a low blow you impale their stomach upwards, lift them up, and slam them down, then you rotate your weapon like a lever, letting it cut open a path all the way up their shoulder, cracking every rib and letting loose a spray of crimson.
  11. You strike them in the stomach, then grab their keck with both hands and lift them over your head. As they attempt to struggle you your grip tightens until everyone can hear a snap, the struggle stops and you drop the lifeless body to the ground.
  12. When dual wielding you stab each individual leg while leaving the weapon in their thighs, as they fall to their knees you kick them back, cracking their femurs as you remove your weapons and leap towards them, stabbing them both in the chest.
  13. As they strike you dodge slightly and let the attack pass next to your head, you then proceed to use one hand to lock the arm with which they missed, pressuring it until the joint snaps, exposing them for you to violently cleave open their stomach or throat.
  14. After a cut to their thigh you stab their throat when they bend forward. You then raise your weapon overhead without removing it, forcing them to stand straight, just for you to either use your offhand weapon or swiftly remove the current one for a swift beheading.
  15. A heavy blow to the stomach causes them to fall to their knees, after which you raise your weapon and strike them down, until they are barely hanging there with both hands too. You then rise and swing your weapon sideways, like a golf club, forcing their skull inside their ribcage.
  16. You swing for the mouth, splitting it open and letting you grab and pull their lower jaw until it slowly cracks and is removed alongside part of their upper neck.
  17. A brutal thrust from your polearm straight to the chest breaks apart their ribcage, and when the tip of your weapon bursts out from the other side it has the impaled heart of the creature, bursting blood from the main arteries.
  18. A precise shot to their throat leaves them unable to breathe, and as they struggle you land another shot straight between the eyes.
  19. You aim for the knee, it's over. As the arrow enters the target realizes, it's all done, there is no point to fight anymore now. They respectfully bow and leave while limping, should you allow it. When the party arrives at the nearest town, there they are, in guard uniform.
  20. You make a brutal shot to their face. The target, in a futile attempt to escape their doom, instinctively raises their hand only to have it ripped open and their head penetrated.
  21. With a crossbow or firearm you land a shot to a nearby target's legs, causing them to fall down. As they attempt to stand up you step on them, returning them to the ground, before landing a violent shot at them.
  22. You shoot/throw a large number of projectiles to finish the target. The first two impact their arms and maim them to the point they can't use them to defend themselves. The next ones then impact their belly, chest, throat and head in quick succession as they fall down.
  23. You land 2 powerful shots on their kneecaps, causing them to burst open and break apart. The target falls to the ground and tries to crawl for a moment before falling to the ground.
  24. While the target is on the ground and tries to stand up, you shoot a flurry of projectiles at their chest, each one tearing apart their rib cage until you finish them with another one to their face, with such force it bursts it open.
  25. You aim straight to the eyes with your sharp aim. Your shot is true and rips apart their eyeball that explodes in bloody gore, while your projectile pierces it's brain.

Spells, features or items (by damage type)

  1. Acid: Your target is covered in acid as it screams in agony. Over time, the screams are muffled until, eventually, only a bloody and skinless carcass remains, with bones poking over the melted flesh.
  2. Acid: You strike your target in acid as it approaches you, targeting its legs. Their kneecaps are instantly melted away and they fall head first into the ground with a loud "crack". You then pour the rest of acid into their body snuffing out their screams.
  3. Acid: You pour acid into their face, with deadly precision. They aren't even capable of screaming as at the end of your stream whats rest of their head is a skull with remains of melted skin fused with the bone, with its eyes flowing out of their sockets like brown paste.
  4. Cold: As a target attempts to move, your fast freeze impedes their movement until their screams are cut short by the sound of their limbs cracking one by one, revealing their freezing muscles attached to their skeleton.
  5. Cold: The burst of cold is so strong and violent their bodies explode, but are soon freezed into a terrifying statue that's barely kept together by small frozen sections of bone, blood, intestines and other organs bearly connecting the segregated bodily parts.
  6. Cold: The target becomes frozen solid, it's expiration stuck on horror. After a brief pause, the statue collapses, shattering it into a hundred pieces that slowly start to dissolve into bloody chunks of flesh and organs.
  7. Fire: Your target screams as the flames chars their flesh until only a carbonized black body remains. Quickly some chunks of the black flesh fall down, revealing molten flesh and muscle that can bearly sprout blood.
  8. Fire: You burn an armored target until their armor is searing hot, you can hear it's grisly cries of agony, as their flesh fuses with the metal of their armor, melting together into a single horrible piece.
  9. Fire: A burst of flames to their stomach is so powerful and violent that only their ribcage remains. Without the muscle's help their column promptly snaps and they are split in half.
  10. Force: Your force projectile impacts one of the target's joints, brutally dismembering them and sending the limb flying away in a crimson mist, while blood bursts out as it streams out of their bodies.
  11. Force: The force is a heavy explosion that instantly obliterates the target's body into, leaving a segregated bloody and fleasy paste stuck on the floor, of slowly falling from the ceiling or wall, that doesn't resemble the original target.
  12. Force: A direct impact to their head makes it burst, throwing skull splinters around. Only the lower jaw, broken into multiple pieces remains as the body shakes violently for a moment before falling to the ground.
  13. Lightning: A large stream of lighting enters the target's body, making them shake violently, and exploding their eyes. After a brief instat, lightning bursts out for a random point of their body, along with nearby internal organs and muscle that is left hanging.
  14. Lightning: Lightning electrocutes the target, forcing them upright as they vibrate while the electricity tears them apart. Finally the body explodes, leaving a bloody skeleton with small chunks of charred flesh clinging to the bones.
  15. Lightning: The target is covered in lightning, their bodies shake and bend in unnatural ways as the electricity moves around their body. Lighting then leaves, behind it a charred body.
  16. Necrotic: Dark energy envelops the target's body, destroying their skin and turning it to dust, exposing their blood-covered muscles, soon to also be destroyed revealing nothing more than their bones barely holding their organs withering to nothing, until only a darkened skeleton remains.
  17. Necrotic: You suck the life out of your victim, drying them out and making their skin cling to their bones as you live behind a withered husk.
  18. Necrotic: Your target's life is accelerated, as everyone can see how they age until they die a rotten corpse in mere seconds, filling the air with their stench.
  19. Poison: The targets caught and scream their eyes become bloodshot and burst out as they fall down to the ground, failing to come up again until their struggle stops abruptly.
  20. Poison: After breathing in or ingesting, they quickly realize what has happened as they struggle to keep their composture. Eventually they bend over and vomit a large amount of blood accompanied by their bloated intestines.
  21. Poison: After cutting their flesh, the poison quickly travels around their bloodstream, darkening their veins and expanding them until they pop over their flesh. Soon the wound starts to pour out a horrid amount of pus and bile, after which the target falls down.
  22. Psychic: The target screams as blood streams out of their eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The screaming stops while their face remains in an expression of absolute agony.
  23. Psychic: The target is stunned as its brain tries to expand with no escape, eventually their eyes pop out while the smooth paste that used to be their brain slowly pours out until the target falls down.
  24. Psychic: The heavy wave of psychic energy makes the target's head explode in a thousand pieces, leaving only a small section of their brain, bearly supported by their spine.
  25. Radiant: The searing light of your weapon shines with overwhelming brightness at the point of contact, slowly expanding through the target's body and bursting again from other wounds, slowly charring them from inside.
  26. Radiant: The radiant light is so powerful it darkens any other light source around it. The target's flesh and organs are reduced to nothingness, leaving only clean bones were the light touched, before blood bursts out from any adjacent area the light didn't hit.
  27. Radiant: The radiance purges the target from the inside. Light is emitted from their eyes and mouth with great intensity. At the end a kneeling charred husk remains.
  28. Thunder: A huge explosion makes the target explone in multiple chunks of flesh that each fall down with heavy "thumps".
  29. Thunder: The explosion reverberates within the target, exploding their insides violently, making the eyes, ears, nose and mouth burst outwards pouring out portions of brain tissue and a torrent of blood.
  30. Thunder: The target is torn asunder, dismembered by the immense force of the explosion, limbs flying left and right, exploding in bloody mist as they hit .

Combine them!

You can combine multiple of them. This is specially true if your players attack with an elementaly imbued weapon, such as after using a feature that adds non-physical damage, a spell like absorb elements, or a magical weapon such as a Flame Tongue. Go crazy! Your sorcerer/paladin attacks with a green flame blade-imbued sword and divine smites the boss for a kill? Take a weapon, fire and radiant finishers and add them up! I assure you that player will feel like the biggest badass that combat!

NOTE: It's important to know how much violence your table can handle, so talk to your players before you describe how they cracked someone's skull.

Now go! Rip and tear! (and have fun!)


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