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Finishing my first campaign since college! Advice: Do not forget old AD&D modules and CMT

Best campaign I have run in my life with my kids and friends. Classic Modules Today was essential to me!

As a busy DM, I still had to do a lot but encounters, balance and maps and a ton of other stuff simplified by leaning on content from this older modules.

I started with a module I knew and run then I moved onto all the old modules I wanted to run but never got a chance to.

It was in the World of Greyhawk centered around the Principality of Ulek, Celene, the Wild Coast and the Pomarj.

These are the modules I used.

B-2 Keep on the Borderlands (based on border of Ulek and Pomarj): Why so many monsters in Caves because Turrosh Mak drove them forward like the Goths before the Huns and they find out Turrosh Mak wants to eventually invade Ulek.

UK-1 Beyond the Crystal Caves (based it on border of Celene in Suss forest): Players want to save one character's parents from slavery in Pomarj clue lies with NPC in closed elven kingdom this is their quest to get entry. When they go to elven kingdom find out consort of elven queen Yolande has gone missing.

2nd ed Slavers Module — Braxem's Village (kept location same): It is an encounter from the 2nd edition Slavers module (since this is before Turrosh Mak took over turned it into Sunnyhaven and they met Brunhilde the Slayer off to take out the undead basically a Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoof) – they find out Turrosh Mak plans to also invade the Wild Coast.

U1 Sinister Secret of the Saltmarsh Second half (Wild Coast taking out a slaver ship): Meet another character's father looking for elven queen's consort and capture a slaver ship to get to the Pomarj and save character's parents.

L-3 Deep Dwarven Delves (in the Drachensgrab Mountains in Pomarj): Get one character's parents back, dwarf redemption story and find out the cultist working with Turrosh Mak are spreading eggs of Earth Dragon to sprout a bunch of little avatars.

X-2 Castle Amber buffed which is ok since half the custom monsters were nerfed versions of classic monsters (dark feywild): Characters go to Castle Amber pocket dimension tied to dark feywild to save consort of Yolande who is stuck there by the Scarlett Brotherhood.

Ruins of Nol-Daer from Dungeon Magazine #13 (right in Suss Forest just like the adventure no changes needed except for campaign dragons kicked their ass): Bust up some Earth Dragon eggs and they find out where the Temple of Earth Dragon is.

2nd ed Slavers Module — Temple of the Earth Dragon (kept location same of course): They destroy the last of the Earth Dragon eggs and anger the Earth Dragon god who causes earthquakes that mess up the Pomarj and cause a volcano in the range to start erupting. They also find out about plans of the Scarlett Brotherhood to take over Hold of Sea Princes

Battle of Strandkeep Castle (homebrew): All the good guys versus bad guys in big battle while PCs sneak around and kill Turrosh Mak.

L-2 The Assassin's Knot massive buff needed but all the enemies are NPCs with levels and such so easier than I thought really (Hold of Sea Princes relocated): They root out an assasin's guild to prevent the fall of the Sea Princes but not all the assassinations are thwarted.

2ed Slavers module — Invasion of the Pomarj by Scarlett Brotherhood (post-module idea for continuing adventures): Gather all the tribes of Pomarj they can and get help from big good allies to stop the invasion of the Pomarj by the Scarlett Brotherhood.


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