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Firespray31 terminated.(Star Wars Campaign)

Be me: Veris; Sith(Species) Force Adept

Be not me: DM, Violet; Human Scout, Narssk; Trandoshan Jedi Guardian, UD-67; Droid Soldier

Session open with a slight retcon: The Korriban port authority gave us a droid in addition to the thousand credits, our new UD-67!

Back to the present, flying into battle against the fighters above the Jedi Temple!

UD-67 just wondering around not really knowing what's going on.

Veris rushes past UD-67 to his battle-station … notices UD and questions why the maintenance droid is wandering about.

Directs him to the other turret.

And the battle begins!

Bad initiative on our part! The TIEs go first!

The got just-in-range before ending their turn…

Our turn!

Veris' turn he gets a good hit, nearly blasts a wing off a tie with a moderate damage crit threat.

UD couldn't quite finish it off.

The TIEs continue to close the gap!

They fire… two shots flying wide harmlessly wizzing on past

The pilot punches it and now there's no range penalty!

Ready turrets! Fire!

Veris' aim is thrown off by the swift approach but it's still enough to end the wounded one

UD finishes his aim calculations and fires… direct hit for perfectly enough damage to end a full HP TIE

UD "I wish to exterminate the fleshbags" right as a Firespray31 joins the fray!

"All non-essential personnel into the AT-TE" – Veris over the ship intercom.

We cruise a little closer and fire!

Veris drops the shields, UD misses but Narssk & Violet strike the hull!

We were panicing OOC when we saw the Firespray… now not so much

They peel to one side and angle shields…

The crew's in the AT-TE… getting to positions.

We surge forward into medium range and we're blasting!

The Droid misses again but the trio of 'meatbags' all strike and the Firespray is nearly crippled!

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Firespray flees at full speed! … it's faster than we are.

Oh well… how about the enemy capital ship, a Star Destroyer.

DM explains that there's so f-king many fighter escorts, we're not likely getting close

Alright… need new targets. What's available…?

Narrsk radios the command ship to ask where we can help.

Asks us to run escort for the bombers making runs against the Star Destroyer

We join the attack run on the ISD and make our approach!

We meet another Firespray flanked by TIEs!

It's coming for our bombers!

Our droid manages to get another TIE insta-kill!

Everyone's in position in the AT-TE, we open the cargo bay door and charge the Firespray!

Veris misses v the other TIE

AT-TE fires everything! 1 hit… no damage. At least this should be surprising.

The surviving TIE wiffs trying to strike our Guardian

The Firespray surges to point-blank range!

The Firespray lost the game of chicken and misses his chance to damage us as he swerves to avoid a head-on collision.

The turrets, frontal guns, and AT-TE all fire on the Firespray shredding nearly half the hull off of this thing.

Our pilot maneuvers to keep us on a collision course!

Success the Firespray shatters on our hull!

Minimal damage to us from that impact.

Veris spends way more force points than he should have to grab the Firespray's weapons system with the Force and pull it into the open cargohold with the AT-TE

Meanwhile UD-67 snipes the last TIE before it can get away with another insta-kill

The Mon Cal Cruiser serving as our side's Capital Ship loses shields!

The order is given to retreat, abandon the planet and the temple.

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We make it to warp escaping from the ISD and catch up with the fleet.

Battle over we get out of the turrets…

Veris orders UD to assess the damage… "No."

Que sort confrontation of trying to turn UD off v having a blaster pointed at Veris' face.

Negotiate a step-back and interrogate the droid… eventually call Narssk.

Narssk threatens it with death and Veris calls his Tuk'ata… UD really doesn't have much sense of self-preservation

UD is eventually convinced to back off and return to the droid bay… calls Narssk a 'Meatbag'… Veris knows that personality quirk.

Narssk puts Veris in charge of getting the droid to do what it was given to us for, repairing damage to the ship.

… it's going okay, we manage to end the atmosphere leaks and weld some plate over the weakened section of hull.

We manage to get them working.

Veris let's UD know that they're planning on getting some upgrades for the droid once we reach a safe port.

We've got a day of auto-pilot hyperdrive before we reach the raundevu with the Mon Cal Cruiser

Veris brings his Tuk'ata into his room and begins applying the ancestral skills of the Sith, Force Alchemy.

It's a painful and potentially deadly process but the hound survives and grows stronger.

While this is going on Violet meets UD and has an… interesting discussion about where we keep our weapons.

… and now UD is fleeing from Narrsk and imminent Force-ible disassembly.

One Force-Grab later and the droid is prone and shooting it's blaster pistol at a Jedi… with active lightsaber.

Angry Dosh verses ineffectually armed droid… Dosh wins.

Droid still functional… for now.

A few smart remarks later and the Droid is a 50/50 from being impaled by lightsaber.

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Narrsk leaves a message for Veris once he's done with his dark-side project that the space-paladin would probably object to if he could see past the door.

The next day, when the alchemy is done and Veris sees the message, he goes to visit Narssk.

"You wanted to talk about something?" – Veris

Narssk demands he makes the droid respectful and obedient or else he'll destroy it.

"Don't you dare, it's likely the most valuable thing on the ship, including the AT-TE!" – Veris

Narssk insists on knowing why Veris believes that.

"It's an HK. It's damaged and it's definitely a different chassis but it's an HK processing core." – Veris

Narssk insists they've all been destroyed.

"It's either an HK or someone's making fakes. Don't destroy the droid. I can make it work better once we're docked." – Veris.

Narssk nominally agrees not to destroy the core… at least so long as UD doesn't piss him off.

end session

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