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First Game with Homeschoolers (running Storm King’s Thunder)

Content of the article: "First Game with Homeschoolers (running Storm King’s Thunder)"

Good Morning folks.

I'm looking for a small critique on the game I ran for nine players. Background here.

On Tuesday, I ran my first real game with a homeschool group of young teenagers.

I picked the module Storm King's Thunder. I have 9 kids I'm running this for, and yes, that's a lot.

Some of these kids have… issues. So where an adult group may want to run full murder hobo, I keep a bit of a tighter reign of the options this group takes. I don't outright say no, but my language does suggest that a course of action would have consequences in their world that would be not to their liking.

So, Here's how I ran the first encounter when the group gets to Nightstone. I suggested via an NPC they break up into groups and investigate the town. They formed three groups of three. Each group fought three goblins.

Then I had them meet the guards that worked for Lady Nandar, give them the quest to rescue the towns folk, and had the orcs show up.

They seemed to enjoy it, but my daughter told me later that having them fight in separate combat was boring. I can see her point, as two thirds of the time, the group wasn't fighting.

I think they enjoyed the later combat with a group of orcs. Night stone has a Mott and Bailey configuration if you're not familiar with the town. They killed four orcs, while two of the Str based characters raised the bridge. The other orcs looked for a way inside the town, and found one. The town was recently bombarded by Cloud Giants, so large stones were found around the town. They grouped together and pushed the stones into the one place that would have been vulnerable to attack. Since they not only have a fairly strong Dragon Born Fighter, and Human Paladin, but two goliaths, I figured it was doable. The module also allows for a group of elves to come in and chase off the orcs. After they blocked off the one part of town the orcs could have used to invade, I had the elves charge in from the woods and drive off the rest of the orcs.

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Over all, the kids seemed to enjoy the first real game. We had a session zero first where we set their characters up, explained the rules, and helped them understand what to do when I asked for various rolls, ect.

There was some talking, some looking at phones, but the one kid I saw looking at a phone was looking up spells… so… Before I enact draconian rules for chatting… among 13 year olds… I figure I should give it a few games, and see if I'm just boring, or if they could be better behaved.

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