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First level in fighter.

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For some background this is a follow up/sequel to a post I made a few hours ago because a surprising amount of people wanted another one and I have free-time. link to the first post

be me, same as last time

be party, same as last time though the goblin artificer who runs around in a miniature mech plays more of a part this time

after the events last time we took the princess (who im just gonna call Sera because thats her name) to an independently governed town and after some stuff with the royal guard we arrive, she was incredibly distant to the whole party.

I was told to train her to be a fighter because “teaching someone swish, swish, stab is a lot faster than teaching them magic”

we stay in the town for a few days and decide to look for work.

get low CR hunting quests for training along with discovering people are disappearing in the night and a reward is going to anyone who can find information.

definitely bait by the dm

decide not to chance it and keep artificer on watch later at the inn.

someone enters through the window

doesnt notice the artificer because his mech isnt powered on and is easily taken out

before we can interrogate him we hear rustling in the bushes and see a figure run

make a split second decision for the artificer to stay behind and watch Sera and the prisoner as we chase the figure

artificer starts to interrogate the prisoner

Artificer:listen lad, the lady over there joined our company a few days ago and I would hate to make a bad impression on her puffs flamethrower

prisoner laughs

Prisoner: hah you idiots, you’re friends are going to our imperial sponsored raid camp. There are dozens of us and we were trained by the empire, your friends dont stand a chance.

OOC realize we’re running into an enemy camp full of trained bandits and one of our tanks and AOE damage dealers is missing

Dm: the guy you’re chasing shouts loudly and you arrive at the camp and see around 25 bandits with weapons drawn along with a few carriages with the kidnapped citizens with them

begins fighting

artificer knocks out the prisoner and gives Sera one of his prototype rocket launchers before running after our tracks

tablewide facepalm

fight progresses, I go down after tanking too much damage and around half the bandits remain

artificer arrives and begins roasting the enemy taking care not to kill any of the kidnappees

bandit leader begins rushing to a large cage draped in clothe

party busy taking out the remaining bandits and the warlock misses his eldritch blast

dm grins suspiciously

bandit leader opens cage and begins to run but cant get away before a chimera bursts out of the cage and tears him in half

party tries to fight it but a few rounds in and the warlock is forced to retreat carrying me

3 people left in the cave, artificer says they should retreat one by one

dm grins again

artificer is the only one left as the chimera moves to block his exit

Artificer:well shite guess im taking you with me

artificer readies a punch action for when it enters melee range

Dm: the chimera stares you down before kicking itself off the ground, mouth agape

artificer begins to roll for his punch before the dm interrupts

Dm: before it can make contact with you however an explosion occurs on the chimera’s abdomen and it flies to the side

our face’s when

Dm:Sera stands to your right with a mixture of shock and awe holding your prototype rocket launcher

artificer immediately finishes off chimera before returning to the town with the party’s new fighter

get reward and use most of it at the tavern celebrating victory.

artificer says she can keep the rocket launcher.

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