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First time DM, am I doing something wrong here? I think I might be, but the more I think about it maybe it’s not me.

I’d been wanting to DM for awhile now. I have a group of friends I play with and I’ve always been exclusively a player. I spent about half a week preparing the first 3 sessions. I really wanted this to go well. I start to talk to everyone about their characters about a day before. I’ll admit, probably a mistake to not go over this stuff sooner, but hey, lesson learned I guess.

I get done talking to everyone, and not a single one has any sort of backstory. The most I got was that one is a drug dealer. As for personality, I have that one is a dumbass, one is an evil drug dealer, one has absolutely nothing, and one hates goblins. When I was a player, I always had my character have at least SOME backstory and traits. Thinking about it, none of these guys really had their characters have any traits before either, but I hadn’t really noticed as they essentially just acted like they did in real life.

And hooooo boy, that goblin hating guy. It was funny at first. He tackles a goblin to the ground (this guy also has absurdly high stats btw) and screams at him about where the rest of the goblins are. We all had a good laugh. Then it happened again with a normal human bandit. And then again. And then, after having a stakeout to try and see what was happening to all of the town’s livestock, he tackled a cultist that has absolutely nothing to do with goblins in any sense of the word and starts to interrogate. For fuck’s sake, when they were talking to the mayor ABOUT the animal situation, he wouldn’t shut up about how he was sure it was goblins even when the mayor assured him that they had no problems with goblins in the past and that there weren’t even any goblin camps NEAR here. There was not a single interaction this player had that did not have something to do with goblins. And it’s not as bad, but the drug dealer offers EVERYONE drugs. She was going to offer the mayor drugs until the rest of the party stopped her.

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The energy that first session wasn’t great. It wasn’t super fun for anyone, I mean we had a good time but no one was super enthusiastic about a second session. I did manage to convince them to come back for another session though. Overall, I just don’t think that anyone is taking the campaign seriously when I really tried hard to set this up for them. And I know, I know that if I try to tell them to take it more seriously and maybe have a backstory for your character and character traits other than “racist” then they’ll just ignore me/get mad at me for killing their fun. I feel like they’re giving me nothing to work with here, and it doesn’t help that they never talk to each other in character besides telling each other to do or not to do something. I just don’t know what to do.

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