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First Time DM Anxiety Question

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So I'm going to be DMing my first campaign tomorrow and I'd like any suggestions of what I may be missing from my list below that I've prepared:

  1. A starting area and story hook for my players.
  2. Multiple other areas for the players to explore if they finish the beginning area faster than I thought.
  3. Enemies placed around each of the maps with all of their stats only a click away.
  4. Unique NPC's for the players to interact with.
  5. An overarching narrative to span the night.
  6. They're starting at lvl. 3, so there won't be amazing loot as I'm starting them with magic items, but I do have some loot prepared.

For a little insight into where it takes place and what I plan to do: I'm running the campaign in Eberron and will include a brief prologue where the characters all share a dream and feature dialogue from disembodied NPC's they have yet to meet but I'll sprinkle in said dialogue down the line. Upon waking they will find themselves in an Airship that has been commandeered by Pirates, having acquired it by tricking someone from House Lyrandar into boarding the ship. The players will have to figure out how to escape their bindings, get their equipment back and what to do after that. Eventually the Airship will be rocked by an explosion, the Elemental powering the ship will escape and wreak havoc and the Airship will go spiraling out of the sky into the Mournlands. Once in The Mournlands, the players will have to contend with some living spells and Displacer Beats and/or flee to the Talenta Plains. I don't have much for after that right now, most likely will be whatever the players want to do as the world will open up to them, though I will be giving them a story hook from one of the NPC's – a unique item from the NPC and the words "All roads lead to Sharn" which will also be said in the opening dream.

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If anyone has any other tips for what I can do to enhance my first session I am all ears! Also, for the love of Gygax himself, please let me know if it looks like I'm missing anything essential or should alter something that looks like it won't work.

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