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First time DM questions

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I am a new player along with 5 other new players and we are running the Lost mine of Phandelver.

I think it went ok In the first encounter but the rogue is constantly wanting to steal from people. As we were leaving Neverwinter he started asking about stealing from anyone we passed. I sent him a nobleman with a guard and he did a little distracting fall in front of the guard and then passed a sleight of hand as the guard helped him up. I threw him a silver. Honestly though I was worried he would fail and then didn’t know what to do. Would the guard just attack? I’m a little concerned he’s going to start doing this to random townsfolk and shopkeepers… How do I respond to this?

Secondly, inside the goblin hideout they tried to climb up the chute and the only one to succeed was the cleric in heavy armor! I wasn’t sure what to do there. He’s not stealthy so did the bugbear see him immediately? Is he suddenly under attack from everyone in the room? I played it off that he was under cover from the supplies and stalagmites in the room and let him role a stealth check that actually passed everything’s passive perception except the wolf. He tied a rope and tossed it down the hole so the others could get up easier. They then launched into a surprise round where the mage cast sleep and the goblins and wolf went to sleep. The rest of the party quickly killed the bugbear and then the goblins. I feel like I did something really wrong and made that encounter way too easy but I didn’t think I should let the cleric fight that whole room alone while the others tried to climb up… I reasoned that they weren’t expected at all and that the bugbear and wolf were far enough away that a little fudging on the wolf’s passive perception was ok… but what was the right way to handle that kind of situation?

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When they went back through the hideout and got to the room where sildar was tied up those goblins knocked 3 down to 0 hp and nearly killed them before they managed to get control of the situation. So I didn’t feel too badly after that…

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