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First time DM – super nervous of planned campaign introduction. Input much appreciated (map and overview inside)

Content of the article: "First time DM – super nervous of planned campaign introduction. Input much appreciated (map and overview inside)"

The encounter

So for a couple of months I've been tasked with preparing a new campaign. I've played the game about 2-3 times a month over the past year, so this is all still pretty new to me.

I'd love to start it out with somewhat of a bang, but have no idea how to scale it. I'll try to summarize the intro as short as possible:

6 players (all level 1) have had a short introduction written, telling them where they are and how they got there (the Misty Forest).

4 of the players find themselves barely able to see much in front of them due to the sudden mist. The remaining 2 (M and O) are inside and right next to a lonely inn in the middle of nowhere (having just arrived before the fall of dark and the thickening of the mist).

The setup:

All of the players hear a terrible roar coming from somewhere to the west of the forest. Following this roar is a gruff voice yelling out that their job is to find and capture the stragglers detected in the forest. This is immediately followed by a battle cheers from seemingly two dozen voices. To the east (at the inn) a loud bell starts chiming, signaling to the players where they might be able to find safety.

The objective:

– Each players rolls for initiative.

– The 4 players (F, N, P and G) roll a d4, which determines their starting point.

– Should two players roll a 2, one player starts on the "2", and one player starts on the "X" next to the "2". Should three players roll a 2, two players starts at the "2" and one starts at the "X" etc.

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– Depending on their start, each player will face a unique obstacle. At certain intersections, they'll be able to move north or south should they so wish, which may lead them closer to or away from potential allies.

– At all times players will need to use other senses than sight, as the mist is so thick they're barely able to see much of anything.

– The two players at the inn can decide whether they want to go out and help potential stragglers, or if they'd prefer to remain in safety.

– Should all hell break loose and the characters get themselves tangled in way more than they can handle, I've prepared a selection of NPC's that'll come to their rescue. These are NPC's that are already present in the inn, which they would have met there regardless.

I'd love for some input! Any comments on potential pitfalls, challenges or ideas are most welcome!

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