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So tonight I was DM for my first ever session… I feel like it didn't go well and the table was 100% all against me the whole way, until they gave up fighting me. I wasn't thinking that I was being railroading, I was just following guidelines put in the rules of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign book.

They are all Chaotic characters and for some reason think that means it justifies doing absolutely anything you want. They walk into the town, and there are 7-8 players,. The bridge has a certain aspect to it, I wanted to involve it because I thought it would be a funny gag, but had kids laughing because they knew when 4 elves walked across they would feel ill and stuff. One person is a Triton and has a raised his weapon toward the group of kids when he saw. I said that clearly the kids run away and come back with 3 city guard saying he threatened them. They manage to run away from that situation, but I still am trying to get in the hook for the first mission. Decided to make the town council throw a party for the town to lift their spirits, in a drunken state a brawl happens where one of them tries to break it up, gets punched and joins, the guard comes to break it up and then escort the group to the "drunk tank". Naturally they wanted to run because thats what they have been doing so far.

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I said if they want to break away it would be an athletics to break through the line of guards holding them there. One girl decided to argue with me saying that they should get advantage because the Triton used his racial feature to create an fog cloud. And this argument got heated until she ended it saying "Fine we will go to jail because that is clearly what he wants." She was then disengaged for the rest of the time.

All I wanted was to give them a legit reason to be going to the first mission. Besides "you get gold" I wanted some story reason as to why it is like that. They are level 1 characters, and we just finished LMoP with a different DM who wanted to play and I took over with a different campaign. They seemed to walk in like they owned this town kinda like how it was at the end of LMoP….

Am I wrong for what I did? Was I right to make a call and stay with that call, or would it be better to not argue with the players and just play an extremely loose rule of cool?

TL;DR: First session, did NOT go well. Any tips?

Edit: These people are also not super into DnD where we role play every aspect plus they haven't even read the PHB. Don't know if that makes a difference with handling them as a DM.

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