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Fitting into a playgroup

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Recently my friend (our GM) invited me to join as they had players drop and there were spots. We recently had our first session and it readily became apparent that there are some MAJOR differences in humour, views, and general darkness. I am open to changing, and am actively trying to as I do not want to ruin the campaign or my friends DM experience as he is just starting up. I grant in my line of work I am suuuuper desensitized to traumatic things, so I can get that. Yet in the two sessions we've had (0 and meeting to discuss etiquette) our GM has messaged me saying I concern other players (social workers have some seriously morbid humour). Part of me is a bit irked that the party members have to go through the GM and cannot just say "the f bud", but I get it as I'm new and unknown. The other side is I'm trying not to take it personal when they offer ways to play my character (haven't played since maybe 2e) and how a neutral evil character should act (mainly irked because they cannot confront me face to face about feeling their feels). I appreciate their help but I do not know how to play a character maxed out for manipulation/ deception and a meatsuit for a bored eldritch entity without causing conflict for entertainment. I have told the party that if I don't know it in game I won't manipulate it, and will try to avoid causing conflict in party; but I am the only evil player in an all good group (lawful to chaotic). I'm kind of lost on what to do as I do not want to drop, and I really do not want to make a watered down version of my character (think Superjail warden mixed with Doc "Rusty" Venture), but I also want the game to be enjoyable for all.

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My generally desensitized and morbid sense of humour due to work, as well as my desire to play my character as I intended (manipulative and bored) is chaffing rears and I need help finding a way to play my character in a way I like that doesn't chaff more than needed.

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