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Content of the article: "Fleas."

Be me: Kol-Jha Kobold Sorcerer

Be not me: Murdut Ork Fighter, Yeet Gnoll Ranger, Silit Kobold Rogue

Session open,

Awake from previous nights camping to find Kol-Jha has grown… doubling in size over the night.

Adjust clothes to something a bit less comically undersized, adapt a burlap sack into a sleeveless shirt and head down the road toward the next town.

A day of hiking without incident sees us making camp again further down the road, Kol offers to take first watch as he still has all of his spells ready to deal with trouble in the night.

There's something in the grass… watch it as the sun sets… distracting noise and then the bouncing creature disappears. Not good.

Cast mage armor as a precaution but don't wake anyone yet…

Rising to a standing position he shouts: "We've got company!" as the creatures, Giant Fleas, charge the camp.

Nearly a swarm of the monstrously large parasites. Four at both Yeet and Murdut and one attacking Kol.

Yeet is startled awake by flea bites: "WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?!" she exclaims

Murdut also awoken by the attacks.


First turn… disaster.

Cast Color Spray… they're immune to mind-affecting but Murdut isn't. Our fighter is out of the fight.

F*** vermin and their immunity to mind-affecting

Con damage for Murdut & Yeet… one of them tries biting Murdut and stuns itself.

One manages to bite Kol… soon to be electrocuted.

Ask DM if I can damage the flea by shocking myself, DM agrees because Kol's scales are gold and thus highly conductive.

Throw Jolt at self… a tingling sensation for Kol, death for the tick.

A few fleas pop off Murdut and Yeet but the others continue draining CON.

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Yeet can't quite bite them…

Magic Missile! That drops one of the fleas… few more to deal with.

More fleas finish their leeching and fuck off.

One left, not retreating, still stunned from failing to bite Murdut.

One jolt later it's nice and crispy.

More magic missiles as the fleas do their namesake.

Another one dead.

"Well… that should have gone better." Kol-Jha says as he strides over to examine Yeet.

Out cold but alive.

Kol heads back to his spot, sits down, "Your up, your watch." he says to Murdut.

Murdut's watch passes uneventfully.

Silit decides to hide in a sack having not really been in the battle against the fleas.

Eventually it becomes Silit's watch.

Morning, break camp. Murdut carries our unconscious Ranger.

Begin heading down the road.

A third of the day goes by and Yeet starts to wake up… though Murdut, who's carrying her, starts feeling the strain.

"Yeet, you awake?" Kol asks…

Yeet murmurs an inaudible response… Murdut immediately drops her.

"Get up, you can walk." Murdut says.

As the day goes on a city comes into view on horizon, seems like it's on the coast.

As they march Yeet seems like they're about to flop and die from exhaustion.

Kol grabs her before she can fall and says it's time to make camp before she can fall on a rock and die.

Disease tick… Yeet takes 3 CON & 1 DEX damage… 1 Con remaining.

Silit decides to take all watches since they were napping in a sack the whole hike this far.

Pretty high rolls on all the watch checks for our Rogue.

Silit draws a lot of eyes in the dirt all around the camp and the party.

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Something drags Yeet away in the night… Silit peruses her… waking Kol-Jha to watch the camp.

Silit shouts and Kol rises from his watch to jog over.

Silit explains either magic or very good stealth.

Detect magic… no magic this is not good.

Kol tries to lift Yeet… as Silit leaps onto her jolting her from his grasp.

Hear a squak as Yeet leaps onto it.

Roll Yeet over to reveal rodent creature…

It takes off running as Kol-Jha casts Jolt then Magic Missile at it.

Bring our Gnol back to camp and get back to resting.

Yeets really not feeling well… 1 CON and sick with a CON Damage disease.

Help her to her feet and moving toward the city.

Finally reach the city and quickly ask after a doctor.

Learn the doctors have an enclave near the city center and quickly make our way there to get Yeet and Murdut treated.

Reach a clinic and ask for help. Murdut explains the source of the illness and the doctor gives the diagnosis.

Meanwhile Silit hides in their sack the whole time, afraid of large crowds.

Don't have enough to save Yeet.

Kol-Jha asks for a line of credit.

The doctor asks if Kol-Jha is a dragon or a Kobold.

Kol confirms he is in fact a Dragon. (He honestly believes this.)

The doctor asks to extract a few of his scales as payment and he agrees.

Several HP lost later Yeet receives some medicine… nasty enough to turn a Gnol's stomach.

Yeet vomits… the vomit having an oder nasty enough to nearly make Murdut nauseous.

Silit questions Kol-Jha's dragonhood.

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Murdut asks if Kol would be willing to spot him some scales for treatment and Kol agrees.

More scale removal being done then Murdut gets their chance at the medicine.

Kol shakes his head as Murdut can't keep the medicine down either and is then lead into the clinic to be treated in greater depth.

Silit offers to scrub the vomit for payment.

Welp now the two reptilian party members are on their own.

Find an inn they can afford on 10 copper.

Session close.

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