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Floundering mid campaign and could use arc advice

Content of the article: "Floundering mid campaign and could use arc advice"

Hello all!

I have three level 4 players in a sandboxy type world, running 5e. I'm currently trying to figure out how to deal with the story. Tried to summarize as best I could.

Game setting:

100 years ago, a technologically advanced planet was destroyed by an alien invasion of unknown origins. The players all come from the last known kingdom on the planet, totally isolated due to a large, dangerous forest that surrounds it. To date, no one who has entered the forest has come back alive.

This attack 100 years ago also introduced new species (all the playable races except elves/humans/gnomes/halflings/dwarves), monsters, magic, and the 'new gods' (the 5e pantheon). Before that time the planet was monotheistic and worshiped a homebrew god.

My plot concept:

The homebrew god is a bastard and avoided all the other gods (who hate him) by hiding this planet in a pocket plane so he could be the only god in town. Several millennia later, all the other gods found him, attacked his stupid planet, and dragged it back into the multiverse where it belongs. Hence, all the 5e showing up on it.

Now, zealots of the homebrew god want to restore the planet to its former glory by returning it to the pocket dimension. The new magic would stop working and the new gods would disappear, and all the new species and races dragged to the planet would be trapped there. The party are the chosen ones of the new gods to stop that.

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Each PC is from a 'new' race. They are each tied to a 5e god in one way or another.

Where we're at:

We finished session 10 last night. Been doing normal questing "let's get this for money" type stuff before. The players can tend to be indecisive so I dropped a divine "you are chosen saviors of the world" vision on them, featuring the symbols of each of their gods, and finishing with a point on the globe they should travel to. I figured this would provide clear motivation to go do something.

I'm also not sure what to do next, as far as the long haul goes. I figure the spot on the map will be the zealot's stomping grounds and on the way they'll each find divine weapons/objects/companions from their patron god, which in the end will help them destroy the homebrew god artifact? I guess I'm just feeling a little lost about how to get from point A to point B on this.

Any help is much appreciated.

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