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For the first time ever, I was completely caught off guard and blown away during a campaign! 🤯

Content of the article: "For the first time ever, I was completely caught off guard and blown away during a campaign! 🤯"

My DM hit me with a complete and total curve ball last session. For the first time in a campaign, I was literally left speechless. That's not to say that I haven't experienced some awe inducing stuff in previous campaigns, but this hit in a totally different way.

So, we recently started a new campaign in a previous setting we played in a couple years prior. Arguably, the best campaign I've ever gotten to play, and undoubtedly my favorite character I've ever played. None other than my foxxy Kitsune pirate boy Lord Monte Voxier I. This new story takes place exactly one year after the end of the former campaign, in which our party laid siege to the port city in which both stories take place. Ridding the city of the evil necromantic cult that controlled it from it's underbelly, and becoming heroes in it's wake.

In this new story, one of the players is playing a character from Voxier's homeland. This character had a secret mission in which they knocked on the door of a tailor shop within the market district of the city. Now, I was only half paying attention during this, but the way they were describing it sounded a little like the one I had designed for Voxier. (After adventuring, he set up shop on the city and started his very own tailoring shop for fine clothing.) Then this character pulls out a letter and hands it to the shop owner. In which, the DM turns to me and says "what does Vox say to this sudden guest referring to you by name, and handing you a letter of importance." I was taken aback, but after a moment I got into character. Then they both dropped a huge bomb on me that I never expected.

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The message was from Voxier's mother. It was a message informing him to come home to take up the throne of his deceased father. His father being of royalty, and serving as a figurehead in the countries political system, was to take up the throne after HIS father (the emperor) passed away. We had never really discussed in full the details of Vox's parents or their positions, so this was a surprise. Voxier and myself were both at a loss, due to Vox's prior history having deserted the royal navy to abscond to the port city and create a new life for himself. Lord Monte Voxier I being his new name, to replace his family name, Sun Yoshida. As we were informed of how he must return to his homeland, that of which he would most certainly face execution or at least imprisonment for his desertion, I was at a complete loss of words. For the first time in my years of playing tabletop RPG's, I sat there dumbfounded and overwhelmed.

We still haven't gone back to address what he will choose to do, but I am nervous as hell to make up my mind. In every scenario, I've always had a pretty quick response to action and words. Never once have I been that floored by anything in a campaign, let alone when it had nothing to do with the character I was currently playing. Absolutely an amazing experience, being bewildered and completely dumbfounded from a single moment in a tabletop RPG, and I can't wait for it to happen again!

Just felt like sharing this earth shattering moment I had last session. Tell me what you think about this story. Sorry if it came out a bit jumbled, but I'm still pretty shell shocked from the whole experience. It's a lot of information to pack into a short story. Also, tell me about any jaw dropping, experience changing, unforgettable moments that happened to you in your campaigns! I would love to hear some great epic stories of adventure, drama, and intrigue…

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