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Free adventure/guide specifically designed for brand new GMs

Content of the article: "Free adventure/guide specifically designed for brand new GMs"

Hey everyone! So after some long hard work I’ve finally finished my most recent project. Allow me to present to you Thordin Battleaxe’s Tome of Adventure, a completely free adventure/guide for brand new GMs.


This unique book is specifically designed for brand new GMs (and players). It consists of a fully fleshed out one-shot adventure, for level 3 characters, that would take 3 or 4 hours to play through. It includes everything that a brand new GM needs to run the adventure (well nearly everything, you’ll need to get your own friends), even if you don’t have the Player’s Handbook or Monster Manual.

The book is brimming full of advice to help brand new GMs run not only the adventure in this book but also any other adventure they might want to GM in the future. This advice covers a broad range of topics, from making effective adventure hooks to explaining rules, and a brief but informative guide to running combat encounters.

The book also includes 5 premade character sheets, fantastic artwork, all the monster stat blocks you will need to run the adventure, and beautiful, full-color battlemaps for every combat encounter.

During the adventure, the characters will track the orcs that raided Norad along a dangerous mountain pass. They will eventually discover the orc camp in Silverstone Mine and will have to figure out how best to overcome the orc defenses. While the challenges they face throughout the adventure can be overcome with your classic hack and slash approach, there’s plenty of fun opportunities for role-playing and alliance making along the way.

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Despite the hard work and effort that went into making this book, it is free. This is because d&d can be kind of expensive to get into so I decided to try and make a high-quality adventure that anyone can play with their friends completely for free! I’m proud to say I think I succeeded

So, maybe you’ve never played d&d before, maybe you’re an old school veteran but want to try 5e, maybe you play d&d but have never been a GM and want to try it out here’s, your chance. Also if you are a GM and you have a player who might want to try being a GM (Even if you don’t think any of your players want to try being a GM) why not show them this?

As always any feedback is more than welcome. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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